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    Late to the about you?

    I know...most people discovered these many years ago.. I have never really worn an Oxford shirt before. I have worn dress shirts, but never an Oxford. Found some really nice ones at a J. Crew Factory store. I think they fit much better now (more fitted) than they used to. I remember them being very boxy years ago. I also worked at Banana Republic for about 5 years and Oxfords were never really big there.

    So, what clothing items that have been around for years that you just discovered?


    mmmm...ocbds...i heart them so much. I've had to stop getting them, and now only get used ones off ebay of better brands when they show up. Still trying to find a gitman vintage, but they're always crazy pricey, even on the 'bay.



      @Glock13 - I'm with you on this one. Way late. I didn't like OCBDs due to the material. I thought oxford cloth was heavy and rough, similar to canvas, but maybe a little softer. While at a thrift store I spotted an OCBD in my size and picked it up. It must have been laundered dozens of times because it was incredibly SOFT. I had no idea. I'd been wrong all along.

      Bought my first OCBD 2 weeks ago from Macy's. It's a new found love.



        Yeah...not sure how you got the canvas impression. OCBDs are on a very short list of nip-abrasionless shirts.



          I don't really style ~evolution~ probably started about a year and a half ago. Since then if I've liked something I've looked into getting it. I guess I recently got a slim wallet--that's already changed my life, basically. My back hurts so much less.



            Dunno, I'm still not a fan of button down collars or the rougher texture of oxford cloth.



              @Glen: Which OCBD did you get at Macy's, and how does it fit?



                I guess I'm STILL not at the game because I have yet to own or wear any OCBDs.

                Other games I was late to, but still managed to make:

                -Cardigans (bought my first and only earlier this fall)

                -Tie clip (bought my first and only late this summer)

                -Thrifting (can't believe I didn't seriously discover thrifting until this year)

                -Leather-soled dress shoes

                I'm sure there are others but none come to mind at the moment.




                  @ChrisW - I got the Club Room fitted OCBD. While I'm not well versed in the realm of Brooks Brothers or Gant OCBDs, I think the Macy's house brand does a decent job with fit. The armholes are higher and the the body is trimmer, but boxy. It is definitely trimmer than their shirts from yesteryear. I may have darts put in after a couple washes but I can manage without if I have to. Also, they're long so I can't wear them untucked.



                    @Glen - I was at a Salvo yesterday and saw a OCBD by Sero Shirtmakers, made in America. I didn't make much of it because it was a little faded and left it on the rack. I looked it up after getting home and it turns out Sero was manufactured in my hometown of New Haven, CT where Gant was founded in the 40s. I think they were a spinoff of Gant and thus their main competitor, producing comparable quality clothing. Furthermore, my mom told me that Bernard Gant is a relative of ours somehow by virtue of my grandmother and she used to be able to go into both factories and pick out whatever she wanted. Unfortunately this was many years ago before Gant sold the company...alas.



                      @MagM: I'm getting a slim wallet too, but not in the same way you mean.



                        @chern - go back and get them! And if I were you, I'd start rustling through the branches of your family tree. That is some pretty cool heritage, in the most literal sense of the word.

                        @ChrisW - I just got back from Macys and I'm sad to say that their current line of Club Room Slim Fit Pinpoint Oxfords are not the same shirt I bought a few weeks ago. The shirt I bought was on clearance and although they fit similar, the material is noticeably thinner. Perhaps it's the fact that I tried on a Tommy Hilfiger shirt after it, but I'm just not satisfied by the current line. Sigh.