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HELP! Color choices for Anorak from Express...

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    HELP! Color choices for Anorak from Express...

    Hey Fellas,

    As some of you might know: Spring/Summer + So Fla = RAIN!

    So I was looking into some stylish weather gear, and stumbled upon the Water-resistant Anorak from Express in person today. All three colors looked awesome, and the fit is great, plus it's light (so I don't sweat up a storm)...

    My question to you is this: which one of the three colors available (red, navy, yellow) would you get, offers the most wardrobe flexibility, etc..? I'm looking to be wearing some staples under it (i.e white/pink oxford button ups w/ ties, blue/red chambray shirts)

    Here is the link:

    Thanks in advance!

    For versatility? Blue. Matches with what you're describing. Especially if this would be your go-to raincoat.

    For fun? Yellow or Red. Especially as part of a coat rotation.


      I had an Anorak poncho as a kid - excellent construction. Don't know if it's the same for Express, though.