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Should I wear a 3-piece suit to a wedding (as a guest)?

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    Should I wear a 3-piece suit to a wedding (as a guest)?

    I have a wedding coming up, and I am attending as a guest. I have a solid, classic navy three piece suit (pants, jacket, vest) that I really like, but am a little hesitant to wear it.

    Reasons for it:

    -It's a cold weather climate in the Northeast (wedding is at the end of November). Plus I think I will be walking outside some.

    -Looks great

    Reasons against it:

    -People say, don't outdress the Groom. I'm not sure how applicable this will be, as I think the groom will be wearing a tux. But regardless, I will look on a similar scale as I'm wearing a vest also.

    -I know none of my close friends there will be wearing a vest, just a 2 piece suit.

    -The fact that I'm already hesitant.

    Thoughts guys? Thanks!


    I'd advise against. Namely for the reason stated above, to outdress or look as nice, which might happen anyway if he gets a cheap rental. Why not try a vneck in contrasing colors? You will stand out, not be as dressed at the groom or his court, and its even warmer than wearing a waistcoat.

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      Couldn't you just omit the vest and wear it as a 2-piece?



        I agree with your hesitation so I'm curious what people will say. I have always wanted a three piece suit but I don't wear a suit to work so I'm trying to think how much wear it would actually get. The last wedding I went to this summer a guest wore a white three piece suit with white alligator oxfords. I kept expecting a guy in all black to challenge him in a dance off or something.

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          I'd avoid it - like you said, if you're hesitant it might not be a good idea. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but I think the vest takes it to a more conspicuous level. I'd focus on picking a great tie and pair of shoes, and maybe pocket square.



            I don't know, I guess I'll be the loner here and say that I don't think it should be a problem. Most people don't immediately notice things like whether a guy is wearing a waistcoat with his suit or not. Wearing the waistcoat vs. not wearing it isn't going to attract significantly different levels of attention. If your suit fits you and looks good, you're going to stand out slightly no matter what. But trust me, no one is going to be paying THAT much attention to you. All eyes are going to be on the bride. I'd say, unless you're actually in the wedding party and therefore standing next to the groom, there's not going to be a lot of undue comparison going on.

            Having said that, though, it's obviously best to wear whatever you're comfortable in. But you may be overthinking things here.