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Shirts for gorilla arms

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    Shirts for gorilla arms

    Like a lot of tall guys about 75% of shirts that do not have an explicit arm length are too short in the arms for me so I thought a thread on shirts that work for us tall, not slim guys might be worth it. Even trying on a shirt in the store isn't good enough as shrinkage can make some arms unwearable.

    My dimensions are 6'3", 36 arm, 44T jacket, 36 waist, 34 leg, 17.5" neck, 225 pounds. Too big for a slim fit but I have a serious billowy shirt problem I suspect due to my big neck but I don't think I am that rare.

    Good fits for me

    Frank and Oak XXL is by far the best. XL was pretty good but tight in the body so I suspected one wash would make it too small.
    Brio XL are not bad, likely closer to a 35 arm.
    American Eagle Slim fit XL are pretty good (I know a 225 pound guy wearing slim fit amazed me), XXL a little billowy but I wasn't willing to taker a chance with shrinkage.

    And the others
    Hilfiger XL shirts are about right for length and not as billowy as thier dress shirts
    Coupe (got them at Beyond the Rack) XL shrik to about a 32 arm in one wash although I have had one that didn't (and that did).

    Any other good/bad fits for us big guys?

    have you considered custom made shirts? like Modern Tailor or Blank Label?


      Absolutely. The problem is affordable shirts or casual shirts - I don't want to go custom for everything I own especially if there are good choices off the rack.