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    Kohl's doesn't get the same amount of love compared to Target and now JCP. I go there mostly for workout gear and basics, but their in house brands are pretty good. When you stack their frequent 30% off sales with Kohl's cash, you can pick up some decent pickups.


      I actually bought a 100% Wool Chaps suit at Kohl's about three month's ago, got it for like $120, and it fits, feels and looks pretty good. Clearly not in the same range as suitsupply, but if you're like me and are in the very rare category of people who have to wear a suit to work every day and make a pitifully small amount of money, while carrying a large amount of student debt (law school if you haven't guessed by now), then a suit like this is good to have in the rotation.


        Thanks all for you help. I went last night. I was with my wife and two daughters, so I wasn't able to focus completely and I was a little rushed. I ended up snagging some really great items. I think I got pretty amazing deals. I wasn't impressed with any of the dress shirts that I saw.

        I got a couple of Sonoma polos (navy and white). They seem to be the same fit as the ones that I have from a couple of years ago, but they are a bit longer. Perhaps they will shrink up after a wash. For about $8 after the 30% off, I think I got a great deal.

        I picked up two pairs of D2s. One is Khaki and the other in deck blue (which is like a periwinkle)

        I got a sonoma v-neck sweater for $9 (before the 30% off) - like a gray blue.

        Finally - the pièce de résistance.....

        It's a cardigan, but it's thick - like sweatshirt material. It looks fantastic. The tag says originally $70 (a person would have to be committed if they paid that much for this). It was on clearance for $7!!!!!! And that was BEFORE the 30% off. I could not believe it.

        Actually, my sister-in-law, who is the store director at J Crew met up with us towards the end of our shopping trip and she saw it on me and said she loved it and it was amazing. She tried to find one in her boyfriend's size, but couldn't.


          I guess I'm a little late, but I had one of their Apt9 polos and it was my favorite shirt. It must have been a mistake or something because I havent found another one that fit the same. Unfortunately, it didn't survive a trip to the ice cream shop with the kids. I got it for $10.
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            I got my first sport coat for my wardrobe upgrade from there. It's a Croft and Barrow, navy, and synthetic, but it was on a budget and looks good. I still wear it with pride even after learning more about fabrics. I also got a Croft and Barrow broadcloth dress shirt and a Chaps sport shirt.


              only thing I ever bought there in the way of clothing was some white suede bucks. they are really indistinguishable from white suede bucks you'd buy anywhere else for $100. On sale at kohls they were 30 bucks a piece, so I bought three pairs.


                Some of their Sonoma stuff can be quite decent (I have some cotton sweaters and a great fitting pair of cords). Other than that, Levis for sure, sometimes you can find some slim Dockers.
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                  Being from Wisconsin, I always want to love Kohls, but they are the Queen Mary of hard to understand sales and price tags.

                  Their emphasis on synthetics and the target customer of a pleated golf enthusiast is what kills me.