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Corduroy in the spring?

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    Corduroy in the spring?

    I have a khaki corduroy sportcoat that I love wearing with nice jeans during the fall and winter. I know it's a heavier fabric but it hasn't really warmed up down here in SC. Would it still be appropriate to wear casually until the weather warms up?

    "Appropriate" is determined by two criteria:

    - Formality of the place you are going.
    - The weather.

    If the weather is cold, you wear heavy wool, corduroy, and moleskin.
    If the weather is hot, you wear tropical wool, linen, seersucker, etc.
    What day it is should never be a consideration.

    Personally, I will wear corduroy any time the temperature is below 50 or thereabouts. I have an unlined corduroy jacket that is comfortable well into the 70s if I'm not wearing a sweater.

    The seasonality of clothing is based on weather patterns. It's not like "summer" in Florida is the same thing as "summer" in Alaska.


      @kbrown- well put. Maybe stretch it to 60 degrees but that's about it. I hear seersucker is gaining in popularity, can be a bit controversial, and is appropriate after Easter plus ... JCP has a variation-along with a few linen/cotton, and Joe has given good marks on the increasingly popular navy cotton jacket if you're thinking about something new!


        Awesome, thanks guys. And yea I personally like seersucker as it is extremely lightweight and cool in the summer months. The navy cotton jacket may be something that I spring for soon. I need a few good summer sportcoats and that might be a good start.


          "God, a corduroy jacket in Italy."

          Just be careful, too, where you wear one.