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Looking for a leather, front-pocket wallet

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    Looking for a leather, front-pocket wallet

    As one of my Christmas gifts this year, my gf is allowing me to pick-out something that I want. I have the need for a front-pocket wallet that is good quality and will last. I have a $150.00 limit. My only requirements is that the wallet is leather, DOES NOT have a magnet style money clip attached to it and has room for cash and a few essential cards (debit/credit, drivers license, health insurance card)

    I have picked out a few, most are Made In USA. I am leaning towards the

    'Col. Littleton' wallet. Help me make a decision, I am open to other brands as well.

    Col. Littleton Front Pocket Wallet:

    (video demo =

    Col. Littleton Front Pocket Wallet with Fold-over flap:

    Duluth Trading Front Pocket Wallet:

    Chester Mox Dual Slim Brandy Genuine Shell Cordovan:

    Chester Mox Horse Front Tan Dual Side Wallet Horween:

    Makr Carry Angle wallet Bark Horween Chromexel:

    Kenton Sorenson Modern front pocket wallet:


    I got one of these as a gift that I've been carrying for the last year or so. It has room for about 6-8 cards depending on how many you feel like squeezing in and has a metal clip between the two halves to keep any cash from falling out.



      I own this from Jack Spade (via Bonobos). It's got slots on either side that fit 3 cards comfortably and a slot on top I store my cash in. I love it so far.



        I got a wallet at the Fossil outlet for like $15 that had a removable insert like this... I've just been carrying the insert ever since.



          I have this one from Maxx & Unicorn.

          It is a great thin wallet. Made in the USA out of a single thin piece of leather. Pretty cool.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            I have had this one in cognac for just about 6 months and it is great.


            I carry 2 CCs on one side, 2 bank cards on the other side, and my license and insurance card in the center slot.

            If I have cash, I double it over and slide into one of the side vent pockets.

            I do not ever carry more than that, so it is perfect.



              I've had this polo one for years and still loving it, been through tons of abuse and is still holding up. The leather is still soft and I usually carry 2 cards and 2 business cards on each side. I put all my cash in the center slot.

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              At one point I thought I had lost my wallet and bought the jack spade one mentioned above, but the leather felt a little plasticky to me. In all fairness I know some leather comes like that and I didnt have any time to break it in before I found my old wallet and returned it.



                Thanks for the suggestions!