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What should my next watch be?

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    What should my next watch be?

    I currently have 5 watches:

    Timex Weekender (T2N653) with red/gray strap and also an army green nato strap. From cheap Groupon deal.

    Movado (2100002) simple formal dress watch on black leather strap. This one was a gift from the GF.

    Seiko (SNZG17K1) Gunmetal Gray watch with black face.

    Orient Blue Mako. Been featured on dappered a few times. Latest buy, loving it so far.

    Seiko (SNK793) S/S watch with blue face. Moving this to a brown leather band since I have the Mako now.

    What do you guys think I should get next? The Orient Bambino looks nice but i'm not sure if it would be redundant with the Movado.

    I would get a white-faced Orient Bambino as the main whole in the arsenal seems to be a dressier/classic white-faced watch. I have it and almost wear it every day, it is phenomenal.


      Wow. I have only one watch, a Timex, and several different NATO straps. I need more watches. Everytime I start to think about buying one, it begins to feel frivolous, though. But I need at least one or two more, especially something a little dressier.


        @mister- I suggest a chrono- I have a similiar collection with a rose gold Bambino and a Mavado in gold and they are slightly redundant though the bambino is a burgandy/brown strap while the Mavado is black leather. The one listed below is a chrono Joe reviewed previously and that I'm telling the wife is a good idea for gift giving (I nice dress chrono)... this Seiko was just $120-ish last week on Amazon so if it's your thing, shop it first.

        The thing that sets the Bambino out from the the rest is the raised crystal which is cool but a pain in dress shirts.

        The other idea is a Skagan with subdial (white/silver faced)
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          I agree with the others that a white face would be a great addition. Either of the options the others mentioned are good.


            What is your budget?

            The Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic is a great watch and they have a model with white face/brown strap. I own one that came with the brown band and have swapped in an OEM black leather calfskin with a OEM deployant. It makes a great watch.

            I have purchased all of my watches second hand and have had great luck. I have also been able to buy watches I wouldn't be able to afford new, including a vintage Omega Seamaster.

            The BST forum over at WUS is a great source as is


              I think simple chrono with a tan or dark leather strap with a white/off-white face would round out your collection (ie this RW Freelancer):

              There are many alternatives at almost all budgets (I think Orient and Citizen carry similar looks)


                Something sporty on a leather strap, I'd say. Or else buy a few leather straps and experiment with your current watches.


                  Got the Orient Bambino a week or so ago. So worth it, great watch. My pick for a dressy watch.

                  Haha, our watch collection is similar, except I have the ray instead of the mako and the modded SNZG. Both great watches!