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    Shirt fit question

    Hey there guys. I'm a pretty small guy and have been eyeing a really nice shirt. They are on pre-order and cannot be returned since it's made-to-order. My collar size is best at 14" with 14.5" having a little extra breathing room and I am also a 36s perfectly.

    The shirt in question has sizes XS and S.

    Here is the measurement chart:

    The XS is 14" neck and 17.5" in the chest while the S is 14.5" neck with 19.5" chest. My question is will the S be too big? Or will the XS be too small? I'm mainly concerned with my chest. I'd really love to buy the shirt because it's one of the essentials.

    Thanks a lot fellas!


    What brand? Someone may be able to offer advice on fit for a particular brand. Or measure your best fitting shirt in the chest to see if the S will be too big.

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      hmmm, alot of variables here bro. Whats the brand. how long are your arms? Also how wide is your chest, these are the biggest determinations, becasue if the arms are too short but chest fit well your outta luck. If the XS chest is more your size, then your next issue is sleeve length since with a smaller shirt you get smaller arms.

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        shirt chart measurements also aren't always accurate, so you kind of guess the first time with chest/neck/sleeves.

        for example the 1MX size small says it has a 14-14.5 neck, while the rest of the measurements fit me. I tried on one, and it fit with the top button buttoned, and my neck is 15.5-16. some times you just have to try it



          Here's the link to the shirt:

          Brithday splurge since they ship around Xmas.

          Sleeves on the XS would be just perfect.

          I've been trying to find a tape measure or SOMETHING, but to no avail.



            I have a 39.5 chest and can fit most brands in small. xs might fit your chest better.