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What can't you 'pull off'?

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    @ MaxMan - I think I might have gotten a little carried away - I was just going through my memory of things I've seen The Style Blogger wear that I didn't like. I wouldn't ever call him "America's Best Dressed Real Man," that's for sure.




      Just things that I WOULD do, but can't. I'm not going to add stupid things like harem pants.

      I still haven't started doing the casual blazer thing. Working towards it. Going to take a whole lot of crap from friends when I do. Where I live, carpenter jeans are more common at weddings than a jacket of any kind.

      aviator sunglasses are almost invariably too large for my head. Most wayfarers too, though not the New Wayfarers.

      Most reds, yellows, oranges, and tans. They wash me out.

      pocket squares

      colorful pants/go-to-hell pants

      anything denim besides jeans

      I also agree with: pants with no break, non-winter hats, casual ties, and deep v-neck Ts



        This is off-topic a little, but the discussion brings up questions I've had about sunglasses for a while. I know certain types are supposed to match certain heads, but then I'm left wondering what type of head I have. The material I read never goes into that--like there is a tag behind your ear with the size and type of head you have.

        That said, I've worn/tried several different types of sunglasses and I've rarely though "Oh, those don't match my head." But that could easily be attributed to my ignorance and not my adaptive head.




          "I wouldn't ever call him 'America's Best Dressed Real Man,' that's for sure."

          *shots fired* lol. But I have also wondered about that moniker. I think he shed the "real man" part long ago. I like the blog because it has inspired me to try new things (which I think is the point), but the majority of his looks are either too expensive or--I don't know how to put this--too stylish? Too daring might be better.



            @jose_jackson: I have no idea what my head shape is at this point... When I look at my face I think I have an oval face. Everything I read says I should be able to wear most any hats or sunglasses, but when I actually try them on they look ridiculous. I have no idea anymore... Just try things on I guess.



              I have a difficult time with hats. I have a driving cap and a porkpie, and when I see myself in the mirror I just think "douche."

              Shoes with no socks.

              Blazer/sportcoat over a t-shirt/collarless shirt.

              Polo shirts.

              Anything yellow or red. Doesn't go with my skin tone.



                Oh, and Camo.



                  @Jason - we must be twins or something.

                  I can't pull off round sunglasses. They have to be somewhat squared off. I wear $16 horizontally stretched wayfarer style sunglasses in tortoiseshell from Target.

                  Fedoras, Trilbys, Porkpies make me look silly. I wear flat caps almost every day.

                  White bucks. Still can't walk in them confidently and will likely end up being traded/sold.

                  White anything other than a shirt. Bright colors. I dunno, it's not necessarily the skin tone but my "features". I don't exactly have soft features.

                  Lastly, thongs. Not yet, but I'm working at it



                    @Glen by thongs I hope you mean flip flops...



                      @Jason - I can pull flip flops off, if that's what you're alluding to...



                        Too many things to count. Thankfully, there is almost nothing that I am both unable to pull off and wanting to pull off. My style works on me.



                          Cardigans make me look like a grandpa, no matter what.



                            Hats. I look like an idiot and I start to feel nauseous from something constricting my head.



                              Hats - My head is gigantic (size 8) Not only can I not find hats that fit my head but the ones that do just make my noggin that much more massive.

                              Cardigans - Not only is my head enormous, but I'm all-around big (6'4", 270 lbs). Ever since I got fat, alot of things stopped looking good on me but cardigans (which I love) look the worst. Just really emphasizes the gut.

                              Skinny Anything - With a guy my size, I have to be real careful about sizing. Anything close fitting often looks like I am wearing a size too small. Often to comic effect.