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What can't you 'pull off'?

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    What can't you 'pull off'?

    Just thought this could be fun. I'll start.

    I don't think I can pull off jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. I always feel more comfortable if I'm a bit dressed up--probably because I feel like that helps me look serious, even if I'm wearing a 'fashion' piece and not a 'style' piece. Outdoorsy or sporty looks feel out of place on me too.

    I'm a bit heavier so I can't do the ultra-slim things, though I do like a good clean line and try to make sure clothes accommodate that.


    Good topic.

    I'm just going to mention things that I can't pull off that I would like to be able to.

    Bomber Jackets - They always make me look round

    Fair Isle sweaters - Make me look like a grandpa

    A casual tie - I don't feel comfortable in one, but I would like to

    White Pants - I would feel like a tool. Plus, white pants in NYC? It is far too dirty here for that.

    Any kind of American Team Sportswear - I'm British and I live in New York. Showing an affiliation to a team here would be about as clever as wearing a T-Shirt that said "I'm European and Y'all need universal healthcare"



      Anything (stereotypically) hipster or punk

      Leather jackets - maybe I just never had a good one, but I always look out of place in one. Doesn't help that I'm short, wear glasses, and tend to have boring haircuts.

      Flannel shirts

      Hats of any variety



        Driving caps and other dressier headwear.

        I don't think I've ever been able to pull of the casual tie either. It really must be a psychological thing, but I always have to give myself a reason.

        And this will probably sound stupid to most, but I don't wear a watch. I'm not sure if I can't pull one off (seems stupid to say that), but it just doesn't feel natural to me.




          Re: Hats. I am completely the opposite. I can pull off driving caps and occasionally a fedora or pork pie. I look completely stupid in a baseball cap.



            There's colors I can't pull off... Anything yellow, for instance, makes me look jaundiced because I'm more olive complexioned.

            I wish I could pull off fedoras, pork pies, etc... They are just too vertical on me and make me look goofy. I wear a driving cap most every day, though.

            Similarly I can't pull off regular aviator sunglasses, wayfarers, or any sort of round sunglasses like most of the Persol designs. These are the sunglasses I wear, because they're more horizontal:


            They don't really go with my look anymore because they're more Italian and modern, so I'm looking for something with a horizontal shape with a tortoise frame and more English feel.



              I love aviators. I've got a giant head (the 7 5/8" cap they gave me at graduation was too small) and bigger, rounder lenses in general do my face a favor.

              Edit: So I guess I can't pull off smaller/more angular frames.



                I've found it hard to wear the fedora or porkpie hats, just doesn't seem to fit right on my head, maybe it comes from wearing a ballcap everyday when I grew up

                also most sunglasses don't fit my head shape, I have a long bridge in my nose and most sunglasses will sit too high up on my face, half of the sunglasses will be above my eyebrow.

                Also not so much that I can't pull it off, but just feel completely uncomfortable in turtlenecks, feel like I can't breathe and that I'm overheating in them. The opposite thing goes for wearing a buttonup shirt without an undershirt, I feel like I'm basically not even wearing a shirt and that my gut is just out there for everyone to see.

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                  hmm interesting topic. I think I am pretty good at pulling off most things. Colors and nice hats (fedoras, schoolboys, driving caps) are my strong point lately. The only thing i have apprehensions about are wrist accessories (outside of a watch) although, i do want to get one of those leather straps, but am willing to wait until that trend dissapears. O and shades other than Wayfarers or aviatiors, everything else makes my feel awkward.

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                    @ MaxMan I completely agree about wrist accessories. Aside from my watch and a rubber band or two, which I've worn for years (it's kind of amazing how often they come in handy), I have no desire to wear any other bracelet or beads or doodads.



                      -Tank tops. Ugh.

                      -Skinny, high-waisted pants. I've already got plenty of junk in my trunk, I don't need to emphasize it.

                      -Oversized watches. With my tiny wrists, even a moderately large watch looks oversized on me.

                      -Deep, chest-exposing V necks.

                      -Sockless loafers. Some guys can pull them off, but I feel like they just look too feminine on me. The only shoes I'll wear sockless are my boat shoes. Even my canvas sneakers get a pair of no-show socks.

                      -Double-breasted blazers/sport coats. Longer DBs like trenches or peacoats are ok.

                      -Denim jackets.

                      -Gladiator sandals.

                      -Cropped pants - you know, the fashionably short ones. I insist on a good solid half-break for all my pants. Shorter than that and I feel incredibly self-conscious.




                        LMAO at BenR, I totally should rephrase my post cuz i agree wholeheartedly with you man on almost everything...cept sockless, DB, and denim jacket...I def cant stand Skinny anything...or that post Joe put up yesterday, I cant beleive there is a such thing as girlfrind jeans, LIKE REALLY WTH IS GOING ON HERE!

                        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                          Any hat I've ever tried on outside of winter caps. They make me look like a little boy for some reason.

                          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                            I find it interesting that many of you mentioned not being able to pull of casual ties. I own 12ish casual ties, and I wear one about every other day. I got probably 50% of them on Ebay for less than $10.

                            There are lots of things that don't really work for me, but casual ties work really well for me. Material is KEY! Heavy fabrics in the winter are awesome!

                            Things that don't work for me:

                            -aviators, my head shape doesn't work with them

                            -any kind of jewelry



                              I guess it depends on where the line is on what I want to pull off but can't, or what I just don't want to wear.

                              I guess I can't pull off yellow or orange as colors very well, complexion wise.

                              I feel overall I can pull a lot of things off listed here, but I also couldn't pull off skinny jeans or real deep v-necks, but I wouldn't want to. I guess that's like saying I couldn't pull off wearing a dress. I couldn't, but I wouldn't want to attempt