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    what to wear

    I know I've posted about my red wingtips before. I want to wear them tonight but its always a struggle to confidently "match" them.

    Are the pants enough to push the red shoes far enough away from the purple?

    Would a more complimentary top be better? A'la:

    Other thoughts?




      Dont wear the last one. Since i dont know where your going, i will say the first option in terms of top and shoes work well. The slacks (are they slacks, cant really tell) wont work becasue your fabrics might be off. The bluchers are very casual so your best bet is to wear chinos in a tan khaki color thats not too dark to give you good contrast. the second picture look too matchy matchy IMO

      My Second option and what i would wear would be the sweater and shirt combo in the first pic, with some indigo blue jeans cuffed to add some contrast. This way people will look at you up and down. They will see that the colors play well together. you get purple when you mix blue(pants) and red(shoes) shoes will be the focal point of your outfit.

      BTW, those shoes are DOPE!

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        I really like the top outfit, actually. I think there is plenty of visual distance between the shoes and sweater to keep them from clashing. And honestly, I don't think those particular shades of red and purple look too bad together anyway. I like the purple sweater better than the red striped one.




          Agree on the purple... Agree with @MaxMan on the pants combos



            Thanks gentlemen. I agree that the indigo jeans look the best and will accomplish all the things Max pointed out, so that's what I am going to do. I wore these indigos on our last date and didn't want to repeat, but I know she won't care. It is also probably a good idea to help balance out the outfit in terms of not wearing slacks (although the pants on the right are actually grey/green cords.) The jeans will tone it down enough to fit a little better with the crowd and scene I will be at.

            Thanks, as always!