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Caving in on the Clarks Desert Boot need fit advice

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    Congrats on your new purchase. Wear them in good health. (And don't forget to post pics!) :-)




      Grats VinnyV, you will love the beeswax clarks! As BenR has mentioned, update us on Pics and how the shoes feel to you as you wear them more.



        Thanks guys. Will do.

        I'm wearing them to work today with jeans (casual friday).

        They started hurting the back of my ankle. So now I have them undone under my desk and I'm kinda just pressing down on the leather with my feet. I know they'll be totally worth it in the future tho lol.

        I'm wearing high thick socks today too.

        I'll try to get some pics by the end of the day. My gf spilled a couple drops of her coffee on my boot this morning so yeah.



          Congrats! I wore mine yesterday and for the most part they were comfortable until around hour 8 or so when they started rubbing on the back of my ankles a bit. I think eventually they get a bit looser and the shoelaces need to be retied, but I was ready to take them off at that point anyway. Maybe something to keep in mind though.



            I'd suggest trying them on if you can. I'm a pretty normal 9D, and tried on both the 8.5 and 9D.

            8.5D felt very tight.

            9D felt slightly loose

            I went with the 9D, and they are just fine with thicker socks. I'm not sure if the 8.5 would have stretched/loosened up over time or not, but they were rather uncomfortable on first try.



              I was at DSW last month and saw some Clarks DBs labeled as Bushacre but with crepe soles. Hadn't seen that before.

              BTW mine have gotten a bit more comfortable over time. I just have to check them because sometimes after a few hours the laces can loosen a bit and if that happens it's not good.