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Caving in on the Clarks Desert Boot need fit advice

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    Caving in on the Clarks Desert Boot need fit advice


    I'm just about to cave in and buy me a pair of desert boots from I think they have the best deal for members. 5 dollars off standard discount and 10% off for members this month I believe.

    How do these fit? I'm reading that they run a little on the large side so I should get a half size smaller.

    What my main concern is how do they fit with pants. My pants are generally slim fit and I'm wondering what kind of leg opening these boots are going to have to need without it looking like I'm tucking my pants into my boots.

    Also I'm thinking about going with the Oakwood Suede or the standard Beeswax Leather. I want to know how the Oakwood Suede hold up to a little wet weather and some snow.

    Thanks in advance.


    I own the beeswax version of the clarks desert boots, they are awesome. I did size down half size, and they do stretch a little bit over time. As far as pants, I have not had an issue with any pants not being able to fit with them properly.

    Now I own three pairs of clarks desert boots, 2 suede (grey & black), and then the beeswax version. I wear the beeswax the most out of any and find them the most versatile for casual wear. I cannot attest to how they would hold up in the wet or snow due to the fact that I do not wear them in wet conditions. I have other boots I wear for rain conditions ( no snow where I reside in sunny cali-for-ni-a !



      My personal preference between the suede and leather would be the leather. You can easily clean, condition, and waterproof leather shoes. There are suede waterproofers available, but they don't work as well and can ruin the look of the suede by flattening the nap. I think leather is a little more versatile, both in looks and function, and will last longer over time than suede.




        Thanks guys for your input.

        @BenR Did you have to size down as well?



          I got the bushacre style in brown suede at Marshalls for $60. My normal size is 11 1/2 wide but I sized down to 11 and they fit pretty well, though I did get a nasty blister on the back of one ankle the first time I did a lot of walking in them. I think I didn't have it laced quite tight enough and so my foot was able to move around too much. They are also a bit tight at the widest part of my foot.

          Definitely far from the most comfortable shoes around, but they are nice for what they are. No problems with straight leg jeans.



            I went down a half size as well, worked great. I'd go with the beeswax leather, and you probably won't want to wear them in snow/wet anyway, the crepe sole is slippery, but the leather should do better than the suede should that problem arise



              @Sat I'm looking at the bushacres and I can't find a difference between those and the regular desert boots. Except that they're cheaper and apparently everyone says they're more comfortable.

              Now this has become an entirely new dilemma for me. I think I need to go around and shop for some.

              But yeah I know to size down now.



                Vinny, I think the main difference with the Bushacre is the sole is rubber instead of crepe. Should last longer at the expense maybe of being less soft...I don't have anything else to compare them to though myself.

                I think the stitching and eyelets may be less contrasty on the bushacres also, at least mine seem that way. I like it.



                  Oh BTW check this where someone posted pics for comparison:




                    "Definitely far from the most comfortable shoes around, but they are nice for what they are. No problems with straight leg jeans."

                    I got gray bushacres about during the summer, and I have to say that they are almost the most comfortable shoe I have ever put on. I suppose it depends on whose foot it is.

                    OP: I wear 9s, 9.5s, or 10's depending on the brand, and the 9s fit me great in bushacres, which I assume fit the same as the regular desert boots. Sizing down 1/2 should work.



                      @Sal, I sized down my bushacres by a half as well, and also had heel problems and toe box tightness. did they get more comfortable after a few wears? I only wore mine a couple of times because of the discomfort. I was going to shove a slightly-too-big shoe tree in them to try and stretch them out a bit.

                      also, any thoughts on whether I should waterproof them? I got caught in a bit of rain in mine (beeswax bushacres) and it seemed like they're slightly porous, though they looked fine after drying out.

                      @Vinny, the bushacres have synthetic rubber soles instead of natural crepe rubber. from what I've read, crepe soles are softer, but wear out faster and have poor traction on wet surfaces. I think the color contrast of the crepe looks cool, but I wouldn't have nearly double for them myself. from what I've read the upper leather is the same, though I feel like the bushacres in beeswax don't look as deep/rich as the crepe soled beeswax, but you could probably address that with some polish.



                        Trash, they seem to vary in terms of comfort. I have really only worn them a few times since and they've been fine, but I didn't walk all around San Francisco in them like I did they day I got the blister. Probably the wrong shoe choice for that day, though I had no way of knowing that was what the day had in store. Anyway I probably haven't worn them enough to really stretch them yet, if they are going to.

                        As far as waterproofing, I have suede but for beeswax a lot of people on Styleforum are reporting success with Mink Oil.



                          Vinny -

                          I am a 9.5 E but the 9 D can fit me in the dessert boots.



                            I love DBs. I'm normally a 13. Couldn't even get my foot in a 12, but the 13 worked great for me.



                              Hey fellas so heres an update.

                              After work today I took a trip down to Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan and I found a pair of Clarks Beeswax Bushacres for 59 dollars. They normally sell them for 64 but they put the wrong tags on the boots and I called them out on it and they gave it to me for 59.

                              So um I wore them and they feel great. I bought them in a size 11. They fit perfectly, they're comfy and I wore them out in the rain just for the heck of it. I sprinted across the street and I felt good.

                              So yeah. I'm a Clarks Boot guy now.