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    I can't imagine getting through the warm months without polos and t-shirts! And with climate change, our summers are getting earlier, longer, and hotter. I know it gets hot in Ohio.


      Subbing polos for tees is an easy upgrade.

      Switching to all collared shirts takes some adjusting, but in the hottest parts of the world, people only wear long sleeves. Because they keep you cool. A concept lost on some folks!


        I've pretty much cut out polos too. I have a couple for those really, really hot days in the summer when a button down with the sleeves rolled up would be too much, but I never wear them on the weekends. I'd much rather wear a fitted solid colored v neck than a polo, and I don't really feel its that much more casual. If I need to be dressier than a nice fitted tee shirt, I'll wear a proper button down. And no, I don't golf.


          Solid white dress shirt - Doesn't flatter my fair complexion
          Point Collars - I rarely wear a tie and I think point collars look funny flapping around. Nearly all of my shirts are button down.
          Black Dress Shoes - A necessity, but I only wear mine to funerals and job interviews. I find brown almost always looks better on me.
          Loafers - Never found a pair that didn't slip off my heels.
          Cufflinks - I really wanted a pair, but they seem too showy for occasions when I wear a suit.

          Worn on a weekly basis: Khaki chinos, blue OCBD, wool over the calf socks, cordovan wingtips, nice watch, nice sunglasses