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    Tweed pants

    Hey guys,

    I am looking for a decent pair of gray tweed pants for the upcoming winter. Does anyone have suggestions? I find these at Old Navy but I am not too confident in ON. any tips on how their dress pants usually fit? quality?

    Any suggestions would be much appreaciated


    Those are 60% poly. Not sure if that's acceptable to you but figured I'd point it out. I have very little faith in ON so seldom buy anything from there.

    That said I may pick up a blazer and have a tailor go to town on it.



      tend to be not so slim fitting, quality I'd say you get what you pay for. those look halfway decent, I might be stopping by my local old navy so I'll try them on if I do. there's a 25% off coupon on their web site now so if they're not too frumpy I might grab a pair.



        Check out Bonobos selection. With the groupon running, it's 50% off, plus the discount code BANANAS for 20% off, for a total of 60% off, 40% of original prices ((100%-20%)*0.5), $66-78.



          I recently purchased tweed grey pants in store from Gap! Theyre great! I did have my tailor slim down the legs on them to get a better fit. They also have a navy tweed trouser with subtle pinstripes on them I noticed in store. I cannot seem to find those online.



            I agree that the Old Navy's aren't looking great, but I am having a hard time finding many options. Probably wouldn't pay 45 for them but might be ok with a coupon - Trash, let me know how they look if you do stop by

            Charles - I was looking around Bonobos, and but didn't see any tweed pants on the site. Am I missing something?

            Tat- thanks! those gap ones look pretty great. Might jump on them if a discount comes up soon. Before you got them tailored were they a decent fit or pretty baggy? I am kind of a stockier guy so I don't need things to be too trim.

            Any other recommendations?



              I tried on the Tweed pants in the store a couple days ago. I wear the ON slim khakis quite a bit as work pants since my work can ruin a pair of pants. These unfortunately seemed baggier than the slim cut so I couldn't justify the price.



                checked out the pants today, I agree that they were pretty baggy. I'd rather wait for another %-off sale at gap/BR and get something in a better cut and a nicer fabric.



                  @Austinrue yea the Gap pants are not very slim fit, but they are not super baggy by any means. I did have to size up to a 36 in those to fit me properly, but had to alter those 36's because of the different areas that needed to be slimmed back down. My suggestion is try em in store. I purchased them when Gap had a 20% off all pants sale. I love em. Great winter grey trousers to go with alot of sweaters or Blazers!

                  FYI: I am also a stockier person, I would say the 36's fit me great. Im 210 lbs, 5'11. 44 chest, 34-35 Trousers. 16.5 neck 34 sleeves.



                    @Tat, thanks for the extra info. We are just about the exact same measurements. I usually wear a 36 pant but go down in 34 to gap as there stuff seems to run a little big. I am hoping to have time to go check them out in store tomorrow



                      Ill post picks next time I wear them!




                        UPDATE: Wanted to post this here to update on the Tweed Gap Pants we talked about earlier this week. I posted pics in WIWT and Ill provide the link here as well, I have a close up of the pants so you can see the material if its something you were interested in.

                        Pictures # 19-22




                          @ Tat

                          Thanks man, I actually picked some up today, I think they are great. Probably trim enough for me. I got them a little long also and am thinking about getting them cuffed on the bottom. What do you think about that?



                            I think cuff looks good on some pants, tweed is one of them! The pictures of mine are after I had them altered. Had them taken in from the bottom all the way up to the side pockets. I like them a bit trim! But they are great pants, i love them and they are warm.

                            Did you happen to notice in store if they had the blue tweed with the subtle pin-striping?



                              I didn't see the blue ones. Hardly found these, they were tucked away on a rack somewhere