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Do you topy your leather soled shoes?

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    Great thread. I was just wondering this same thing. I wore my pair of leather-soled AE's for the first time last week during a business trip to Ireland. They are my first leather-soled shoes and I only wore them 2 days during the week. However, being Ireland, it rained off and on like every day. I wasn't outside while it was raining, but naturally the ground was wet. One day I walked between the office and hotel (a few blocks) and around a few other places, and I felt like I had already worn through a quarter of the sole on the tip of the toe. I was shocked to see the amount of wear on it. It instantly made me wonder if I should get some sort of rubber sole-protectors added to them.


      Originally posted by obnoxious2 View Post
      Anyone can post pics of topy on their allen edmonds? There is a small rubber heel part but is the whole heel topy-ied?
      Refer to acousticfoodie's pic above. The "topy" -- which are just one brand of rubber half-soles -- is the rubber covering on the front half of the sole.

      Your AEs have a rubber top lift on the heel, underneath the stacked leather. You wouldn't normally put another rubber piece on top of that, but I suppose you could if you really wanted to.