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    Another Dragon Inside Tuxedo

    I can't say that a tuxedo is a major priority to have in my wardrobe. It's more of a "hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." kind of object. For the past year, I imagined myself in a midnight blue tux, like Daniel Craig in Skyfall. However, the options available in midnight blue have been either unaffordable (like Brioni) or ugly (Indochino's midnight blue tux has piping on the lapels - only good if you want to look like a doorman). But when fellow Dappered Threads member shad0w4life posted his navy tuxedo from Dragon Inside, i was interested, to say the least. Since DI since added a midnight blue sharkskin fabric to their lineup, interest became passion. Oh, and 50 percent off? Suddenly, I was obsessed.

    Although shad0w4life posted pictures of the fabric swatches, I ordered them myself to be sure the midnight blue would be the right shade. Also, it appeared to have a textured pattern that concerned me for use for a tuxedo. Nevertheless, the swatches arrived two days later. The midnight blue was, thankfully, more subtile than the pictures I saw online. I thought over my decision for about an hour, and commenced with the order.

    Dragon Inside's ordering system is similar to most other online made-to-measure companies. You must create an account where you can post your measurements, then select the suit you want, along with the various options for your suit. I selected the shawl lapel, no vents, one button, and flat-front trousers. For the additional options, I selected the jetted pockets, functional boutonniere, no belt loops, and suspender buttons (in hindsight, I wouldn't have selected the boutonniere, but I'll just take a tip from Tom Ford). Since there's no specific area to specify a different fabric, I made a note in the comments section at the end of the process to include the midnight blue sharkskin. After I ordered it, I got an email asking to recheck a couple measurements. One of them was the jacket length, which they thought was a little long. It seems DI cuts their jackets on the shorter side, which to me would be fine for a suit, but not for a tuxedo.

    And then I waited. Five weeks, to be precise. Normally, DI promises to have your suit delivered in 20 days. My guess is they got a lot of business during the 50 percent off sale. Good thing I didn't need it right away. When it did arrive, I discovered it included a bow tie and cummerbund. While I'll keep the cummerbund, I bought a self-tie bow tie. When I tried it on for the first time, it fit okay, but not great. The pant waist was too large, and the shoulders were too wide. I emailed DI my results, along with pictures of me in the tux. They replied, asking if my tailor could make the adjustments. Although they were gracious enough to increase the tailoring credit from $75 to $125, I was hesitant. While my tailor can work some pretty good miracles, I wasn't sure whether this was a job I wanted him to do. Perhaps I should have fought harder for a remake, but I accepted their offer and sent the tuxedo to the tailor. Fortunately, the alterations in the shoulders were a huge improvement.

    Without further ado, here are the results:

    I may make a couple more adjustments in the near future. I've lost a little bit of weight, so I may have the pant waist taken in some more and perhaps the jacket waist as well. The jacket sleeves may need to be lengthened a bit (though there are some issues with that, due to how the sleeves are cut at the wrist) or have the shirt sleeves shortened.

    And a few more notes about DI: overall, the customer service is great. They get back to you very quickly whenever anything arises. I'll need to make some further adjustments in my measurements, but I plan on ordering through them again.

    Thanks for sharing after taking the plunge. Those shoulders are so important, but they still aren't right. Even with alterations, they are still wide as have a big lump that comes down between your neck and shoulders.

    It's less noticeable on a dark color. But I'm disappointed that they hoped to assuage you with a tailoring credit instead of doing it right.


      Jack, do the pants have a satin stripe? Are the lapels satin?


        I see what you're saying about the shoulders. Frankly, I was disappointed that they didn't do a remake. I probably would have fought harder if I paid more.

        The pants have a satin stripe and the lapels are satin. If either was missing I would have returned it, since it would not be a tuxedo.


          There's nothing wrong with having a tuxedo! I'm less fussy the less I spend on something.
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            I agree that their customer service is top notch. Bobby is always fast to respond and extremely helpful.

            I too had problems with the shoulders and was offered the same increased tailoring credit as you. I decided to forgo that and have the jacket remade including higher armholes in the process. As for the pants, they were tight in the hip/seat area, a little too short, and had too large of a leg opening. Those issues were all straightened out by my tailor.

            Still waiting for my remade jacket, but they've definitely made a fan out of me. I tried Indochino years ago and was disappointed with the quality of the materials and suit. Not that I need anymore suits, but Dragon Inside will likely push me over the edge to buy more.

            On a different note, are they still offering 50% off? If so, what's the code?


              Yeah I wanted the sharkskin fabric, it came out AFTER I got my tux though But, High five my blue tux brother!

              can you do some close ups with a good camera jack? Sorry the fabric shots were for focus I think asking to see they texture, so I had an extreme flash on, it really is a quite subtle texture to it without a lot of direct light.

              DI does need to offer a black lapel style option of picking how the suit fits (normal, tailored,slim) they just use the measurements to determine unless asked.

              One thing that is becoming an alarming trend for the MTM suits here, it seems like lots of people are just slightly off, I'm going to guess it's due to measurements, did you go to a tailor and get measured Jack?

              I took my friends measurements with a fabric tape asI have a of experience doing this now and it's quite hard, his tux was flawless out of the box. I took them 3 times and he had his GF take them herself as well just so get a second opinion from another party to see if they came to roughly the same conclusion. So measure, LOTS and write down the numbers, heck do it a few days apart just incase.

              My own experience is that my shoulder bone measurement is 18 but I order mine as 18.5" now as my shoulders extend past the bone by quite a lot. I tweaked everything from MTM shirts I ordered as well, so that gave me a very accurate starting point and I'd highly recommend doing that
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                Unfortunately, I cannot get my Nikon to start up, so I attempted a closeup of the fabric with my iPhone. There is a texture to it that's noticible at only the closest of distances. Compare the texture of the sharkskin fabric to the satin lapel on the right, and you'll see it's quite subtile:

                I had my tailor measure me when I bought a suit from Indochino. That one fit pretty well (with some minor alterations). I think I may have made a miscalulation or two when I converted those measurements to metric.

                Also, midnight blue tuxes are all the rage right now. JCrew just came out with one, and when I was at Suitsupply to buy the tuxedo shirt, I tried on a midnight blue jacket. I don't see that one online, but if you're in the market, you should email them about it.