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First Black Lapel Suit and Need Some Opnions

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    First Black Lapel Suit and Need Some Opnions

    My light gray Black Lapel suit arrived and I think I might need a remake of the jacket. I am 5'6" about 170lbs with wide shoulders and a muscular build. I've been told that a shorter jacket length helps make the legs look longer but I think it just looks funny on me. I know I am not the skinniest person but I feel like it makes my midsection look very thick from the front. Also feel like the chest area could lay a bit flatter/closer.

    I am thinking to ask BL for a remake with the following:

    - Jacket length + 1"
    - Sleeves - 0.75"
    - Jacket waist - 1"

    Pants seem ok but there is some pulling on the top left side that needs to be fixed.

    Comments are welcome and appreciated!

    helo227, the suit looks good to me other than the short jacket. If you fix the jacket's length then I think you're good to go.


      First thing, get your shirt tailored

      If you are muscular build, that jacket doesn't make it look so. HOWEVER you are taking the picture from below eye level which can be misleading, the back picture makes it look like there is some taper to the jacket.
      It looks like you picked a normal fit, I went with a slim and it was quite snug and fitted. There's pics somewhere around here

      My observations:
      Your cuffs look way too big, arms might be too, not sure if you have huge triceps or not, make sure you put your upper arm measurement from when it was bent...i made that mistake. pretty much tight around wrist and add 1/2" for a steel band watch seems to be the general method.
      Sleeves are too long
      Jacket is too short
      Pants are a TAD too long for my taste and also seem really roomy, however that depends what fit you chose.


        Thanks guys. I know about the shirt - getting them tailored is on the list. I was afraid the slim might be too tight so I chose the tailored fit. I agree the view from the back shows the taper but it doesn't seem that way from the front. Hmmm interesting about the cuffs and arms. The shoulders look okay though right?

        I usually like my pants a little long but I might get them shortened just a bit. I was doing squats 3-days a week for awhile so it's nice to have room in the thighs and seat. Training for a Tough Mudder race in 2 months so I need to work on the endurance now.


          That's funny, I was going to go to tough mudder until they cancelled it here, looked fun!

          I have done squats forever but I still got my pants fitted with just a bit extra, not much though so I wouldn't be too generous with the measurements.

          Your shirt cuff should just fit inside your suit cuff is the general idea and why I say it looks too big

          That's got great illustrations on what you should aim for roughly

          Now I can't tell if I'm wrong as the length is too long but from the shirt picture to the sleeves it seems quite the drastic change. Hard to tell as I can see the cuff poke out in the 1 picture, but it's not even visible in the rest.