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    Bonobos - Groupon

    The San Diego Groupon has Bonobos $30 for $60 and $55 for $110 through tomorrow.


    Thanks for heads up Gabe, can anyone use this groupon? I have a a San Francisco groupon account, does that matter?



      Thanks Gabe. Looks like I'm gonna lose most of my FB 50% off and go ahead and return the stuff I wasn't happy with rather than try to exchange it, hoping for a better fit. With one of these gift certs and my remaining credit I should be able to get a Jack Spade brief and cash out.



        Buying one!



          Witchita, Kansas:

          Fresno, CA:

          Ventura County, CA:

          San Diego, CA:

          Raleigh, North Carolina:

          Hampton Roads, Virginia:

          Detroit, Michigan:

          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:



            brushetta, so if you don't have a bonobos account linked to one of those can't use this deal?



              Gabe & Bruschetta, thanks!



                Acoustic, I don't know. Let me know if you're successful - I've never purchased something from Groupon.



                  Accoustic, I purchased from another city, no problem.

                  It says limit one per customer, but I've had it work for buying from two cities. You may be able to buy two from the same city as well.

                  Also Charleston:



                    An update - I was able to buy from San Diego even though I registered in LA. I don't know if it's against the rules, but if you use this link I get $10:




                      Thanks Brushetta, I'll hit your link up after I browse the bonobos site more to see if I truly need anything.

                      Charlesmartel - So I can theoretically buy 8 groupons and use them all at once on bonobos?



                        Acoustic, are you a new Bonobos customer? i.e. have you ordered from them before? If you're a new customer then please use my Bonobos referral link as well - we'll both get $50 in store credit, and the $50 store credit stacks with the Groupon certificates, and any discount codes. We can both effectively get 50% off + $50 credit + 20% off. Heck, I'd be happy to send you a $25 Bonobos gift certificate as a way to thank you.



                          unfortunately they removed the referral system for some time.. they said they'll bring it back in few weeks



                            nix7, it still works - you just have to email them.



                              Hey Brushetta I just bought from the 10 dollar link you listed. Thanks again for clarifying my questions. I've bought from bonobos before so no 50 bucks off :-(