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Hemming Raw Denim (and My Purchasing Experience)

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    Hemming Raw Denim (and My Purchasing Experience)

    Hey all,

    After basically two spend-free months, I decided to treat myself to a pair of Petit Standards from APC.

    I don't know how popular raw denim is with you guys, but I've never owned a pair and figured it'd be something worth trying.

    A little anecdotal back-story, just because I enjoy sharing my experiences. You are more then welcome to skip past the italics to the actual question below!

    I worked my way down to APC in Soho (NYC) over the weekend in search of some denim. Their jeans were located in a separate room in the back of the store with two fitting rooms and a single woman their to assist with sizing, care, etc. She was very nice and made the forthcoming experience much more enjoyable. Now, I normally wear 29s, sometimes 28s, so she grabbed me a pair of 28s to start and instructed me to the fitting room. After managing to pull them over my legs and get them buttoned with a bit of a tug, I emerged for her review at which time it was suggested I also try a size 27. Boy, was that fun. I have never before exerted such effort to put on an article of clothing. Once I yanked these things over my thighs, the level of difficulty and discomfort only increased with each of the four fly buttons. Getting the final button closed took multiple attempts as I started to question the strength of my hip bones. I can now safely say I feel remorse for the task some women must endure to wear their jeans. As I emerged from the fitting room, pants vacuum-formed around my legs, the girl indicated that this pair would be ideal. She explained how the waist would stretch around a full inch, the thighs a bit less, and the calves basically none, over the course of about a month or so depending on frequency of wear. To me, it seemed a near certainty that if I sat down in these pants, they would explode. I then explained to her that I am currently on a weight training program and that, ideally, my weight will increase over the coming months. Thankfully, she said I should take the 28s, that the fit was already nice, and that they should grow with me. She walked me to the cashier, then waited beside the counter to hand me my bag once I finished my transaction. And just like that, I was on my way. Three days later and the waist has already stretched considerably and the thighs are feeling comfortable.

    So, now that you've either read through or skipped over that wall of text, I have one question for you all. Being as I am a short man, standing at 5'6, these pants are significantly too long. I have cuffed them twice (a single cuff would've been over 4") in order to wear them at the moment, but I would like to get them hemmed. Do you know if I should wait until my first wash to get them hemmed, or just do it now? I figure if I hem them a bit long, leaving room for a single cuff currently, that in the future if they shrink after washing the length wouldn't become too short. If it's relevant, APCs jeans are sanforized, so I'm guessing the shrinking shouldn't be too drastic.

    Thanks everyone!

    Word on the street is APC's stretch more than most raw denim. A lot of people leave them cuffed or just let them stack. I prefer to hem mine with a little break. Just enough so I can roll up the cuff if I chose to and not have them be short. They look fine with a little bit of crinkle instead of full stacks above my shoes.