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Boxer briefs that don't stretch out in the leg

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    Trunks, gentlemen, trunks.


      have to agree with brooklyn87 - I have some Hanes that are pretty good. As a matter of fact, they are tightest in the thigh/quad and actually feel like they slip at the top... maybe I have a weird ass... I also go grab some Boss or Armani (Beckham style) from Marshall's (too expensive at major retailer).

      I am definitely more comfortable "dropping trou" in cotton-blend BBs as opposed to UA heatgear, nike pro, or something else of that nature. I wear those to run/workout everyday and used to wear them everyday for football practice. I just can't associate that with everyday use. I feel those are too tight anyway and can leave lines/marks around the waist and also are a bit too constricting to...*ehem*.... as Brian Fantana would call them - The Octagon, James Westfall, and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (aka "the whole gang").

      But, to each their own! If anyone finds something that is mostly cotton but has these shape-maintaining attributes, I am open to it.

      I also just realized that this reply was terribly ridiculous, and I now sound like an underwear-analyzing douche. Going commando from now on