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    Per the several recommendations here, I just pulled the trigger on a couple pairs of Levi 514 cords during that 40% off sale. I really like the fit and colors. Thanks for the tip fellas.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      "Quality" might be a stretch but I bought some cords at Old Navy last year.

      They've held up very well, the fit and style is extremely good for the price.



        Just ordered a pair (or a few actually) of the Old Navy slim fit cords reviewed on Dappered a bit back. I'll let you guys know how they turn out and if they're worth the 18 bucks they cost.



          So just got the Old Navy cords today and my first impression (just trying them on) is that they are surprisingly decent. The fit appears to be very true to size; I was expecting them to be a little big (ON is known for their vanity sizing) but I think I could actually wear them without a belt without fear of them slipping throughout the day(but we know how ON can be really inconsistent with sizing, so your mileage may vary).

          The cut is pretty slim. Slimmer than LEC's slim cut but not as slim as the Docker Waders or SF Tapered cuts, for example.

          I was actually so impressed that I tried to purchase one in every one of the other colors but they're almost all out of stock.

          If anyone is interested, Old Navy (and Gap + BR) are having a 35% off sale using code MERRY. That brings these down to $16.25 I will say these are probably the best cords you'll find at this price.

          As a qualifier for all the good things I've said about them I'll add that I probably wouldn't be as enthusiastic if I didn't get them at such a steal. Under $20 makes them a great deal. Paying the discounted retail price ($25) makes them only an OK deal, any more and it might not be worth it, to put it in perspective.



            An update here, I ended up with 2 pairs of Levi's 514 cords, 2 from LEC, and one from J. Crew (I really like corduroys).

            If anyone is interested:

            Levi's: I love the fit of 514 and these are spot on. The actual fabric seems built tough, but is barely a corduroy. More of a tough cotton chino with some texture. Overall, they are nice and I feel like the will last and the wale will not wear down so much over time.

            LEC: The fit on these isn't perfect, but I do like them a lot. Note that there is a big difference between their "refined" cords and their 5-pockets in terms of fit. The 5-pockets are quite a bit slimmer. In my opinion, the refined fits better. The fabric on both is very nice with thin wales and rich texture. The refined, again, seems a bit nicer to me.

            J. Crew: Overall these are my favorite. The fit is a bit slimmer through the calf than the 514 but only by a small amount. It is spot on. The fabric has the nicest feel overall. Thin wales, very soft and a nice texture to them. I find myself often underwhelmed by J. Crew but these really did it for me.

            There are pros and cons to all 3. I guess I probably listed them in reverse order of my favorites. Levi's seem like they will last the longest and have very nice color but are lacking in the actual corduroy wale.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              Good to know. Now I want to try them all!

              I have the Old Navy slim fit cords in a couple of colors. I got them in my normal size ON and had to wash them in hot water to get the waist to fit right. Having done that, they are awesome.

              I don't put much stock in getting a lot of years out of cords. Last year, I sliced mine open ice skating. Glad I was wearing $19 ON cords instead of something close to $100. Having kids makes everything about a half step from destruction.



                The local Levi's store seems to always have sales, so I picked up a pair of their cords a few weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to try them on too much, but they're comfy, fit my big thighs/skinny calves well, and seem to be pretty well constructed.



                  I can second the surprising quality vs price of the Old Navy Slim Fit Cords.

                  Got mine on sale at the outlet store for $12. I bought my regular size 36x32, and they fit like a glove (lucky?).

                  I went back to get more, but they were all out of my size, even looked for anything 36X32, 34, 38, as I can always get them tailored. Totally out, called around to all my local stores, none to be had.

                  So off to ebay, and found 2 new pairs with tags, 36x32, in 2 colors I did not have for $20.

                  Even if I get 2 years out of them, they are well worth it.

                  The fabric is lighter, but feels good.

                  If I ever see them again for $20 or less, I will surely pick them up.



                    I got a couple pairs of the Old Navy cords for cheap and they are good for the price. But beware the inseam is about an inch short on them. I had to go up to 34 inseam and now they are full break which isn't my preference but I can deal. They also have a higher rise than I would have expected...perhaps related?