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    Metal Band Watch

    Are there any nice, metal banded watches for under $50? Or am I asking the impossible?

    (Obviously I know what I will be getting — I'd like an Omega someday, but for now I just want something cheaper to hold me over.)


    I advise you ask whether or not it's still available.


      Under $50 is tough, but there are a bunch of Seiko 5s right around the $50-70 range.

      At this price point, most of the bracelets you get will be relatively low quality, folded-link affairs that feel a little flimsy and pinch your arm hairs a bit.

      Bump the price up a bit and I'd definitely recommend something along the lines of the Casio Edifice EF-503D. For $75-ish you can get a watch with a nice, solid bracelet that's a dead ringer for an Omega Speedmaster.

      The options open up a lot when you bump up into the $100-150 range. If you're looking for something to hold you over until you can afford an Omega, my recommendation would be to save up a bit more and get something from Seiko, Orient, Citizen. You could also look at some used Victorinox on eBay - I only mention them because I've always been impressed by the quality of the bracelets on VSA watches.

      If you're feeling adventurous, there are a bunch of Chinese-made mechanical watches that you can find on eBay for $20-40. They vary widely in quality and in my experience, the bracelets range from so-so to complete junk, but YMMV.


        Wow, thanks. I'll continue looking



          Probably considered small by most at 37mm without crown, but probably the best solid bracelet in the price range. Every now and then you'll see it for $49. The newer ones don't have a screw down crown. I've had one for almost 3 years now (mine has a screw down crown) and it's probably the most versatile watch I have. The bracelet width is actually 18mm (again, probably considered small by most), not 15mm as Amazon states. Invicta gets bashed a lot, but this watch has served me well.


            Second the Casio EF-503D. Picked one up with a black face for 35 off ebay (one light scratch on the face). Just a perfect metal band beater watch. Love it.

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              Originally posted by bosco View Post
              [url]...but probably the best solid bracelet in the price range ... Invicta gets bashed a lot, but this watch has served me well.
              Their bracelets (at least the one on my 8926 automatic diver) are incredible. Super solid! I have had nothing but a positive experience all the way around with my Invicta. It's certainly an option you may wish to consider.