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    Evolution of Style Suits

    I am looking for an affordable, but quality, suit for my upcoming wedding. I am thinking of going with one from Evolution of Style,

    Has anyone had any experience with purchasing from them?

    Any other suggestions for suits in a similar price range?

    Bespoke for $350? No way. It's either not "bespoke" or it's made out of crappy fabrics. You'd probably be better off with something from Suit Supply.


      I would be hesitant to use the company. They aren't explicitly clear about their return policy. For example, compare their return policy to Indochino and Black Lapel

      Evolution of style:
      Black Lapel:

      Evolution of style never comes out and sets specific guidelines for remakes/returns, hence, you are not certain what they are willing to do. Also, I could never find specific details about the type of fabric they use (wool quality/weight etc). Again compare that to Black Lapel and Indochino which give you that info and more.

      Until more info is made available on their website, I would be hesitant to use them. I own several suits from Indochino and Black Lapel and have always been very pleased with the product (Black Lapel is step above Indochino with respect to quality). Several people on this board have had great success with Dragon Inside.


        Depending on your body type, suitsupply can be great or maddeningly frustrating. I went to DC for work and stopped by in the Georgetown store. I tried on several different fits and sizes, but nothing fit well. That combined with their unwillingness to sell suit separates was a deal breaker for me. Despite their advertisement as a slim fit brand, they fall more on the side of a fuller (aka. British) cut. That being said they are half-canvassed and use quality fabric. However, Black Lapel suits are also half-canvassed and use similar quality fabric, but with all the benefits of being a MTM suit (fits your body better, tailoring costs covered.)


          Thanks for the responses. I just emailed them to ask questions about the issues raised above-- fabric, specifics of the return policy. I'll post here when I get a response.


            I obviously don't have any insight into your financial situation, but bear in mind that apart from your wife, the suit you wear will be one of the few tangible things from your wedding that will stay with you and prove useful (enjoyable, if we're including your wife in this thought) for years after the event.

            There are few people who would not benefit from having a decent suit. My father-in-law might be considered one of them as the only suit he owned was his wedding suit and he hadn't worn it since his own wedding. But when he pulled it out it was literally falling apart and he had to get a new one for our wedding. So perhaps investing a little more in that suit would have been worthwhile even if he hadn't needed it for 30 years.

            On the more practical side Suit Supply seems good, and Black Lapel got a very solid review from one of Ask Andy's regulars which, at least in terms of quality and construction makes me seriously consider it.


              Here's the email from Evolution of Style:

              "First the wool, all of my wool is produced in Italy and is 100% wool. For my $350 suits we use Super 100's and Super 110's. If you wanted something a little nicer we use Super 120's Vitale Barberis wool.

              For the returns, if the suit does not fit and cannot be corrected we take the return and refund your money with no questions asked."


                Its sounds as if they may be comparable to Indochino. If you are wanting to spend under $400, I would suggest Indochino. If you are willing to go up to $500-550, go with Black Lapel. Based off my experience, both companies make good suits (Black Lapel is a step above Indochino). Both companies are well known and most people appear to be satsified with the products of both companies. For my wedding suit, I would be hesitant to purchase something from an unknown company.


                  Black Lapel you can get %10 off easy

                  The only reason to consider indochino is if you won't most likely use the suit much and can score it for much cheaper, otherwise it's not really a contest

                  $400 for a fused suit vs $500 for a half canvassed always spend the extra.

                  Brandon, I took a risk with Dragon Inside, and their suits actually turned out quite well. (also %50 off was enticing hah) so if you have a LOT of time to try, you could do it and maybe score a good suit from evolution.
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