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Favorite place for tie clips and pocket squares?

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    Favorite place for tie clips and pocket squares?

    Wondering what people's opinions are on good places to pick up a tie clip and pocket squares.

    Right now, just looking for the basics. Maybe a brushed or polished finish on the tie bar(2" at most) and simple white or gray pocket squares?

    Any go-to places for this stuff?



    A lot of people seem to like I haven't ever used them myself.




      every once in a while Brooks Brothers runs a sale on USA-made pocket squares. I always stock up.



        I got a pocket square at and it's very nice. I've been looking at thrifts for cufflinks and tiebars but the only ones I've found that aren't trashed was a pair of cufflinks yesterday at a little shop.



          If I need a specific solid color in silk, I can usually go to Men's Wearhouse and pick one up in person. They're on the pricey side ($7-9?) but you get to verify the color match yourself.

          I also got a pocket square (burnt orange PS014) at The Tie Bar and I was disappointed. One side was matte finish, and the other was shiny silk. I guess I'm used to the pocket squares from MW, I can fold those and not get any contrast between the front and back. That may have been my fault for not reading the description - "silk printed", whatever that means.

          Tie Bars - Best place for me has been eBay. I bought a lot of 10 vintage tie bars for about $30 shipped. I've never been able to find cufflinks or tiebars when thrifting either.

          My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



            I got 2 packs of the bandanas at Target today, the grey & purple and the red & blue. Seem pretty nice, especially for $3 / 2 pack, and I'm gonna try them out as pocket squares this week.



              @JC yea me to, I purchased the grey / purple. I was going to try them out as well this week as a PS.

              There are circular dots on these bandanas that lay as a boarder around the outer edge. I've found a way to fold them to show only the dots out of the Jacket Pocket. Any thoughts on that look?



                Today I received three pocket squares, two knit ties and a red gingham seersucker tie from Tie Bar and I have to say I'm really pleased with the quality of the products, price point and service. Won't be my last order with them. It costs $20 to ship to Canada, so you need to order up but the delivery is superfast.

                While we are on the top of great stuff for Christmas (aren't we?), you should really get this tie fromSanta.


                Here's some other stuff you need stuffed in your stocking.

                Expensive aftershave lotion, but worth every penny and will last an eternity.


                No stick, no mess pomade.


                World's best deodorant.

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                A great book.


                With apologies to his latest album, this is orgasm for ears if you haven't hear it.


                And root beer. Always with the root beer.


                Sorry, strayed off topic there. Maybe Joe can get us a Christmas essentials wishlist.