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    Bonobos shirts

    Anyone have any experience with their shirts? What is their fit comparable to and how is the quality?


    grasking, I'm a big fan of Bonobos' pants, but the fit of their shirts is terrible. I've tried both their regular dress shirts and their non-iron dress shirts.

    The standard fit dress shirts are extremely tight through the chest. I'm a fairly standard 38R and the dress shirts were difficult to button. Also, the shoulders are quite narrow which means that the sleeves are pulled up onto your shoulders. The result is that you lose 1-2 inches off the length of the arms, and if you raise your arms at all a large wad of fabric bunches up on your shoulders. Read the reviews on and you'll see that this is a common complaint.

    The non-iron dress shirts are loose sacks. I figured that my 5'10", 38R jacket size, 15.5" neck, 34" sleeves would make me a medium. The medium was enormous on me. Strangely enough, the shoulders on these shirts are very narrow as well. As a result, fabric bunches at the shoulders when you move your arms AND the sleeves are too long!

    It's a shame because I really like their wool pants, and I'm just getting into their washed chinos.



      I picked up a button down (non-dress) shirt during the 50% off sale. I'd say overall quality and sizing is about the same as J. Crew. Fit is much better and more accurate than their pants, which tend to have much longer inseams than stated. The buttons on the Bonobos shirt are definitely nicer, but I've worn the shirt twice now and the thread holding them on is already coming off (on pretty much every button, actually). At half price it's a great shirt, but I'd be a bit let down if I'd paid full price for it.



        @bruschetta, I've got the same problem you do - and I'm about the same measurements. I've tried a couple shirts, and they never end up working out. Since it's no problem returning stuff, I'll try again should they revamp the fit, but for now, I'm sticking to their pants and other items.



          I got a non-iron in white during the 50% off sale in size Large and it is a bit tight on me, but I'm pretty sure the next size up would be too big. I'm still trying to lose some weight so I'm thinking about keeping it and hoping it fits better in the future, but I'm not sure.



            Thanks. Their flannel shirts are 25% off and I have a couple hundred in credit, so I'm thinking about giving it a shot. If worse comes to worst I can always return it.

            Does any one know how they compare to Gant Rugger?



              Grasking, Gant is probably a better brand. If you ever feel like selling that Bonobos credit let me know.



                Hmm. I've only worn it once, but I thought the gingham shirt fit me pretty well. I'm also 5'10, 38. I was worried a medium would be too boxy or long in the arms, but it actually fit pretty well with only a little bit of billowing. My only complaint would be the loose neck, but that's a problem with me across all brands.



                  I'm tall with broad shoulders, a big chest and a bit of a belly. Their large fit me pretty well in the standard non-iron shirt. I can take a pic later if it'd help.



                    I've tried 3 different ones.

                    First was a traditional fit dress shirt. The fit was alright, but something seemed off. I don't wear a suit to work, so maybe it would have worked better in that setup.

                    Second was a red and blue Check Republic shirt. Easily one of the best shirts I've ever bought. The Fit is great, no tailor required. And it is long enough to tuck comfortably, and short enough to pass when untucked. Love the fit, and love the look.

                    Third was another sport shirt. Got the same size as the red and blue one above, but it just did not fit the same. Felt too baggy, and the color (orange and blue windowpane) was off. The orange was too bright, and didn't look good.

                    Overall I'd be cautious with their shirts. With the free returns, it certainly doesn't hurt to try, but clearly, not everyone will be a winner.



                      I pretty much have given up on their shirts for now. Even the smallest sports/dress shirts they have are still way too baggy through the chest/lower torso. I'll check back with them next year. Stil loving their wools and chinos, though.



                        Thanks for the replies. I picked up the Copenhagen flannel. What can I say. I'm a sucker for purple. It is the color of royalty after all. I'll let you know how it fits.



                          My gingherbread shirt came yesterday (small), and I'm really impressed with the fit, especially since the previous posts here express such disappointment with the shirts. I'd like to get some more, but don't really want to spend $80 on what amounts to a light cotton shirt. Can anyone suggest a comparable brand, fit-wise? (I know that's probably hard to do.)



                            @jonATL - If you're happy with the fit from Bonobos, do what you can to keep to that same brand. A combination of coupons and Gilt/Groupon/LivingSocial/JungleCents deals really brings down the price. Some of the shirts are even made in the USA, if that matters to you.

                            It is hard to find a shirt that is affordable, fits well, is made well, looks good, and is aligned with your ideals (ie made in USA). If you believe you've found that, I'd stick with that brand.

                            @bruschetta - is the problem narrow shoulders or is it too tight around the back? I have an over developed upper back but narrow shoulders. These might be the shirts for me if the upper back has enough room.



                              I'm happy with the Bonobos shirts that I have kept (they've been a little hit and miss).

                              But overall, I wouldn't go crazy sticking to one brand due to the fit of a shirt. If you can save $20, $30, or $40 by getting a cheaper brand that can easily be tailored to the right fit, I'd do it.

                              I just discovered tailoring 6 months ago thanks to this site, and it has revitalized a number of shirts I was ready to give up on.