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The Affordable Watch Thread (less than $1000/£650)

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    Prometheus Signatura

    If only the company would make more of the white (there's a black dial one that's still in stock). Their other watches are pretty ugly IMO yet the owners say the Signatura is not a priority. Dievas Vortex is also ~$1000 and gorgeous: Current watch is an EcoDrive I got as a hs grad present... I'm in medschool now and would like to get a new watch in the next 1-2 years, or before residency.
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      Originally posted by Johdus View Post
      Good idea for a thread.

      But is up to $1,000 considered an "affordable watch" to the Dappered crowd?
      Word. Wrong forum. I was thinking that too. Affordable watch for me: $35-60. Or $100-200 when I'm feeling flush.


        Any watch by Halios.


          Sub-$1000 isn't cheap, but the title says 'affordable' and while it's not affordable in the way that say, a pair of Levis is (vs. a pair of high-end, selvedge, raw, US-made jeans), or a meal at Quiznos is to a dinner at a two-Michelin star restaurant, I think that having this discussion here is perfectly acceptable. While it may not be for everybody, I think that a good segment of us would someday like to own a quality timepiece and this helps to that end. It's not like you're buying a watch every day, it's an investment, just as a pair of nice shoes is. The difference being that I can wear this watch every day, it's a piece of functional art, and I can pass it on to my kids. A nice watch is something you put away for, lust after for years, and reward yourself or get rewarded with down the road. And yes, for some of us, $1000 on a watch is something that will never be realized (whether it's for financial, pragmatic, or personal reasons), but just because that may hold true doesn't mean the discussion doesn't belong here.

          When you really think about it, when you compare to what a nice watch *can* cost, sub-$1000 is in fact affordable for the product class we're considering. It's why Dappered loves AE, it's affordable luxury and style (that second point is debatable). I think that this topic fits nicely in that mindset.

          Also, as a side note - the "Dappered crowd" consists of a number of professionals and young professionals who enjoy the community and ethos of the main site and its forum (either in opposition to or as a complement to other websites), I generally dislike characterizing things as not being for this crowd or that crowd. Self-selection is already largely in effect (we miss you, JC!)
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            Some of my recent additions:

            Love that Trident.. I think that might be next on my list...


              I just picked up a seiko skx007 and have been pretty happy with it. It's been very accurate. Haven't really noticed it gain any time, although I've only had it for a week.

              Picked it up for a little over 200. First automatic watch


                Originally posted by Duvel View Post
                I hope this doesn't sound like sour grapes but I've never found a significant reason to buy a watch that costs more than $100-200. There are very attractive options below 200 and even below 50. My go-to watch has always been Timex.
                Fair point, but one thing to note is that watches are largely jewelry items, and jewelry is largely expensive and without function other than aesthetics and signaling to others that you can afford something expensive. It's still fun to post pictures and discuss high-end watches, especially if you're interested in the mechanics.

                I think one important point to make from some of the pictures people are posting is how much better a cheap watch looks with a great strap!


                  I think great looking watches can be had at $200 of below. That's how much all of my watches (minus my Omega) cost me.

                  Christopher Ward N1 - $200 used from CWforums

                  Orient Millennium - $165 from

                  Victorinox Swiss Army chrono - $200 from

                  Citizen EcoDrive - $115 from
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                    Not sure how to do pics, but I just put in an order for the Stowa Flieger Baumuster B ($800).


                      Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
                      Johdus, My personal limit is $500, but I made the thread limit less than $1000 so that people don't start posting their Omega Seamasters whilst insisting that they're entry level automatics.
                      My Seamaster was well under $1000 and while it certainly is not entry level if bought new; there are deals to be had on the used market.


                        Originally posted by bruschetta View Post

                        Christopher Ward Trident - $535 new. I don't usually like dive watches, but I really like Christopher Ward's C60 Trident. It's not cheap, but it has an excellent movement, and an excellent 5-year warranty.
                        I've been mulling over buying that watch for months now, just looking for an excuse. The other C. Ward that keeps jumping out at me when I browse their website is this little beaut. (I find myself more drawn to less dressy watches)


                        I have a pretty hefty bonus check coming my way in the next week. I might have to allocate some of it to a watch or two...


                          I have a Movado gold and black leather Museum watch (quartz) (I got it as a gift about 15 years ago which I don't see available anymore except on Ebay), Swiss Army Chrono (quartz), Orient Babino in rose gold, Hamilton Jazzmaster viewmatic and a Tag Aquaracer (quartz) (which strangley still falls outside of this thread). I must say the Hamilton and Tag are my favorites but in fairness I just ordered the Bambino this past month (after discovering Dappared and wanting a stylish rose-gold watch which made for a great birthday gift) but have yet to receive it so I have high hopes that it will become a favorite as well. The Movado just seems a tad small- it's probably a 36mm case where as the Aquaracer is a 38mm- Even the Tag shy's a bit when compared to the Jazzmaster, Swiss Army, or Bambino. Which is why I think the 38mm is more of a classic size- not too undersized and not too oversized. The classiest thing about the Movado is the lack of complications (no date) and slim design makes the classic formal attire look. The Hamilton is a great looking casual watch but I think if I put a black strap on it it could look good in a suit as well. The Swiss Army looks really nice, it's just not comfortable to wear.
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                            Originally posted by bremersm View Post
                            My Seamaster was well under $1000 and while it certainly is not entry level if bought new; there are deals to be had on the used market.
                            bremersm, I don't have the time to do the research and scout out the used market. I am jealous of your find.