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    Then use the facebook one.



      Whoops. I should've used the FBLIKE25 coupon code before ordering the windowpane shirt today.

      I suck at this.

      Anyways, here goes with Ratio for me! Looking forward to this shirt:

      For anyone else, just go like Ratio on Facebook to get a $25 coupon. You can place your first order with it. If you've already ordered from Ratio, you can still pick up the windowpane on sale until 3/25.



        I decided not to order from Ratio. Charles Tyrwhitt tailored shirts fit me almost perfectly, and I can get them for $35-40. Brooks Brothers extra slim shirts also fit me well at $70 each (or $50 on sale). The $75-100 that Ratio asks is just too much for me.



          Wearing my Ratio OCBD right now. Yeeeah buddy as it were..



            CT & BB don't make shirts in my size. :-/

            I hope this works out well!



              Does anyone know if you can stack the Facebook and dappered codes? I would pay 50 bucks for the windowpane if you can stack.




                They do not stack



                  I'm a huge Ratio fan, and my shirts from here on out will be either theirs or Blank Label. I've got the Ratio white oxford and it's a lot sturdier than I imagined. Now, if off the rack shirts fit, I'd probably fill the closet. Instead I'm slowly building up a small number of staples that fit perfectly. I don't wear them a lot, so I can get mileage from just a few. Sometimes having an odd size keeps the costs down in the long run.



                    Good point. I don't even look at dress shirts in stores any more.

                    At first, I was tempted to get a gingham and a candy stripe, but I kept thinking about it and felt a white twill and a white Oxford would be the best start. A couple other solids, etc. then progress to patterns. The windowpane is a fluke, but the next shirt will be the spendy white twill.



                      Good choice Nick.

                      I started with the Windowpane that Joe featured on Dappered months ago. Followed up with a solid white pinpoint shirt as my "go to" for wearing with a suit and tie, then the white OCBD, followed by the candy stripe blue & white OCBD.



                        Well...looks like I found my next experiment for online M2M. I try to support USA-based companies as much as possible, so it is a no brainer when I heard Ratio keeps their product state-side. Thanks!



                          I'm probably going to grab a shirt or two from Ratio, but I'm worried about the armholes being too high -- unlike a good portion of you guys, I'm tall (6'3) but not very thin (220-230 range, but not fat), and I have decent size shoulders and arms (think former athlete, not Jersey shore gym rat). Also, what length of shirt do you guys think? I assume I'll use Long for shirts I'll be tucking in, Reg for untucked (if i buy an OCBD for that use)... but any experience with these? Should I go to the Extra Long? Don't want to be swimming in it...



                            Interesting thought...I ought to measure a shirt that's a really good length for me and email them to see which option matches up with that.





                              I like the idea in theory but curious what it is like in person. I have always thought of seersucker as part of a suit as in fine for pants or a jacket but never seen it as a shirting fabric. From the pictures they don't seem to give that obvious "Hey look seersucker!" vibe.

                              Anyone ever worn seersucker as a shirt before?



                                I did as a kid - one of my favorite shirts that I wore long after I should've handed it down.