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    Ratio / clothing (custom shirts)

    Does anyone here have experience with Ratio / clothing custom shirts? I'm considering ordering a new work shirt from them. What are your thoughts on the quality, the value, and the fit of the shirts?



    I've no personal experience with them, but Joe did a write-up a while back:




      I to was thinking about a ratio shirt myself. Im stuck between trying Ratio and trying a Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt from

      CT shirts advertise 100+ retail value marked down to sometimes 39.00 with french cuff and slim fit.

      Anyone have experience in either of the two and could give a detailed explanation of them compared to others.



        I have a couple CT shirts and I like them very much. I got the slim fit and didn't have to have them tailored at all. I really like their fabric designs and for $39 the quality is amazing. I get compliments on these shirts regularly.

        Also, if you want a cheaper way to try out made-to-measure shirts you can try Modern Tailors introductory offer for $20:

        I'm probably going to try that out in the next month or two



          BenR, thank you for that link.

          Jason, the Modern Tailor shirts look as though they're worth ~$20. I don't think I could get away with wearing them! The CT shirts look better.



            @ Jason (and others w/ experience with Charles Tyrwhitt):

            Do you have any Neiman Marcus Trim Fit shirts? How does the fit of the CT Slim Fit compare? I know CT also has the slimmer Tailor Fit, and I'm trying to decide between the two.

            For what it's worth, I'm 6'1, 205 lbs, 16.5 x 35 shirts, 41/42 jackets, 34" waist on dress slacks. I haven't been able to find a non-custom shirt that fits me as well as the Neiman Marcus Trim Fit. The Calvin Klein Slim Fit (has darts) is almost too tight. No experience with Brooks Brothers shirts.

            EDIT: Found this thread-


            Jason Carreira

            I usually go with a 15 - 15.5 neck and 34 sleeve. I'm 5'11", 195, with a 40" in the chest and around 34" at the waist. For these I went with the 16 / 34 because I had ordered a 15/34 from there and returned it... I estimated I needed a full extra inch in the neck. The neck with the 16 could be slightly smaller, but I think 15.5 would have been a bit tight. The slim fit shirts aren't quite as tailored as I get them done but there's no baggy material and the arm holes are nice and high... no baggy sleeves either.




            Just got some CT shirts in the mail. My impressions:

            1. Pretty nice fit, but not super slim. The tailored fit (their slimmest) isn't quite as slim as BB Extra Slim Fit.

            2. The material seems to wrinkle very easily - it's kind of a smooth cotton

            Overall, not bad for the price

            AND FINALLY:


            My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



              Like I said, I'm anxious to place a Ratio order. Found a $25 off coupon via their Facebook page:

              Curious to know if you guys, bruschetta & Jason, ended up placing orders with Ratio and Modern Tailor, respectively.

              This will be my March clothing expense, and I look forward to having shirts that fit me in the neck! I can fit two hands between my shirt and my collar on a SMALL, and I'm 6'1".



                Since Joe ran the article on Dappered, I've purchased 3 Ratio dress shirts. I can say that they are hands down my favorite, and best fitting shirts, no question about it.

                Eric (one of the founders) has gone out of his way to re-tailor items I've purchased to my satisfaction, and made it a point to personally check up on the results after they've arrived.

                I cannot recommend Ratio enough. Placing an order for two more shirts in the very near future.



                  I recently got a shirt from Modern Tailor. I put in exact measurements of the shirt that I wanted and they gave me exactly that, which is a great thing. I can't say I love their collar choices and the majority of their fabrics are rather ugly and gauche, but they seem to have some promising fabrics.

                  I'm definitely going to order from them again for my next round of work shirts.



                    I can see myself replacing every shirt in my closet with a Ratio shirt. Frost, did you get the English collar? I've got a narrow face, and I wonder if it would suit me well. I'm used to a semi-spread with 1MX shirts, etc.



                      I have about 12 or so 1MX shirts, and I'm used to that collar as well. I have the English spread collar on one shirt and questioned how it would look with a tie (with the window pane pattern). I actually just got that one back from having the sleeves altered and haven't tried it yet. It's fine either way, I don't wear a tie to work. I have the regular collar on the other which is my "go to" white shirt when wearing a suit. The other shirt I have is white in an oxford cloth with the button down collar - I had been wanting a standard oxford shirt in a slim fit for a long time. I haven't been able to find them anywhere. I plan on getting a blue oxford, and the candy stripe pattern as well.



                        Nice. I'm thinking of getting a white shirt first too - the two-ply twill for $109. I'm thinking that will be a workhorse and one to really go all out with.

                        Find yourself reaching for the Ratio shirts over and over again? Still working in the 1MX regularly? I tend to stop wearing whatever isn't my favorite. Kind of a character flaw, but I call it continuous improvement. Anyways, hope the English spread works out for you - I'd be interested to know what you think with a tie.

                        I'm tempted to send along my waist measurement just for kicks in case they can factor that in for the slim fit...because I'd really like an extra fitted look. Sorry...kinda geeking out over the concept.



                          Good call on starting with staples. Make sure you use the Dappered discount code from Joe's post.

                          Regarding the 1MX shirts, I still wear them regularly. The mistake I made was buying the Extra-Slim Fit model. They fit at first (the Medium), but I'm literally busting the seams now. I'm not a big guy (5'9 / 170 / Athletic), but the upper arms have literally no room for movement. The regular fitted do me much better (I have half extra slim and half regular fitted). The 2 white Ratio's were purchased for when I wear a tie, as the 1MX in a medium is tight in the neck for me. The windowpane one was more for my business casual wardrobe. I probably wear it once every other week. Looking forward to adding the two I mentioned before for additional rotation.

                          As far as adding your waist size, shoot them an email and see what they say. The customer service is second to none.



                            Glad you saw my comments from before.

                            I'll add one more annoying note on CT shirts: no gauntlet buttons



                              The Dappered coupon expired. :-/