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Versatile brown wingtip that will look good with suits & chinos/jeans

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    Versatile brown wingtip that will look good with suits & chinos/jeans

    Is this brown dark enough to go with a navy suit & the aforementioned pants? In my mind's eye it is, but the name of the color throws me off so I thought I would gather opinions. Anyone have experience w/the brand?

    Fratelli 2217 (Cognac)

    On a side note, would you say a light grey blazer would be ok with brown chinos? Any particular shades of brown better or worse?

    Thank you.


    I'm not crazy about the chisel toe but I think the cognac color is great. The richness of the color should complement navy or grey suits and pants really well, including dark denim. Maybe not black pants, though, but I think that's a matter of taste and adherence to convention. (In the most conservative fields, i.e. finance, brown shoes are considered a no-no in general, but obviously 99.9% of us don't care about that.)

    The shoes look decent for the price, but for $50 I wouldn't expect them to last you more than a year or so (longer if you wear them infrequently). Cheaper shoes are usually glued together rather than welted/stitched, and the glue will only last so long before it starts to deteriorate.




      I think it will look very nice, but it's a little informal, so it depends on the occasion. I don't have any formal occasions and just dress to please myself, so I don't have any black or more formal brown shoes.

      How light grey are you talking about? I think the grey would have to be at least one or two shades darker or lighter than the brown. Dark grey with khaki is good.



        Not brown, but if you want the most versatility I think burgundy/merlot would be your best best. As far as the type of wingtip I would recommend these for versatility with jeans, chinos, and business in merlot:



          on a related note, I wouldn't buy fratelli shoes. I have some I was given, and they're pretty bad quality, even compared to other fairly cheap shoes



            i've purchased those exact wingtips from fratelli before. as i recall, the color is closer to a flat brown than shown in the picture. i believe the apparent patina in the picture is caused by the reflection off the shoe from the flash photography. in person, the shoe is a bit less interesting.

            also, the reviews are correct: the smell of the leather is extremely strong. i could smell them through the box on the other side of my room.