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My First Experience with BONOBOS and their Ninjas!

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    My First Experience with BONOBOS and their Ninjas!

    So I kind of went on a Bonobos splurge because I'm getting almost $1500 back on my taxes.
    I also had a $25 credit and took advantage of the 30% off on a pair of jeans, and 25% off on some chinos for being a student.

    I'm typically a 32x33. I tried the slim fit chinos in a 32x32 and a 32x34 first.
    Taper wasn't flattering on me because I don't have chicken legs.
    The 32 length was too short and 34 too long.
    These were also a little loose in the waist.

    Bonobos customer service was great and let me exchange this style for the straight fit style.
    This allowed me to still get the 25% off. WOOO!
    They even shipped out the replacements before I returned the other pairs!

    I decided to size down in the straight fit and ordered a 31x34.
    After 2 wash/dryer cycles these shrunk up to fit perfectly everywhere including the length!
    I am incredibly happy with my purchase! Even at $66 a pair.

    I also ordered these jeans in a 31x34 for $48. I may have been able to get away with a 30x34 but I don't like my jeans skin tight.
    After a few wash cycles these also shrunk and fit almost as well as the chinos.

    42" Chest 32" Waist 6' Tall 185 lbs.