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New to Site. Need Help for a Top Heavy Guy...

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    New to Site. Need Help for a Top Heavy Guy...

    Hello Dapper Men,

    I'm new to the site and still young in the art of sartorial supremacy.

    I'm a top-heavy guy with big legs as well (former football player) and need help with suit buying. All of the ones I bought thus far have been to big and too wide.

    Pant legs always look too big and button stance is a big problem as well. Tailoring is an option but can only go so far.

    I also welcome ideas for dress shirts. Jos. A. Bank just isn't cutting it anymore...Ha.

    Can anyone who faces/faced this issue much more seasoned in suit buying recommend a brand or store that could help me. Especially with lower button stances.

    Thank you in advance and look forward to any and all tips.

    You may have to be more descriptive about how top heavy you are. Do you know what your chest and waist measurements are?


      Originally posted by MikeAD91 View Post
      You may have to be more descriptive about how top heavy you are. Do you know what your chest and waist measurements are?
      Thanks for the reply. Totally forgot to put them in.

      Height: 5'8"

      Chest: 44-45

      Waist 34-36" (depending on cut & time of year)

      Biceps: about 16"-17"

      Neck: 14.5-15

      Hips: roughly 36-37

      Inseam: 30


        With a drop like that, you may want to go MTM for your suits. A lot of men with an athletic build have a difficult time finding OTR suits that fit well. Online MTM costs $300-$500, but the added expense is worth the better fit.


          I have a similar build and have found success with BR's Tailored line. The 44R fits me pretty perfectly. Haven't tried on the pants, though. Wouldn't be surprised if you have to go suit separates anywhere you go.

          I've found pretty nice fitting OTR dress shirts /w the Nordstrom Slim fit. I don't ever have to wear a tie though, so I sized down on the collar to a 16.5 when I'm really a 17.5. I have no idea how it varies if you went down to a size 15, but I imagine you'd be wearing it with a tie so it actually needs to button.

          To be honest, the biggest problems you're going to hit are the pants. I've found some success with Zanella, but I imagine they're probably out the budget (at $300 per). I'm not sure how much a tailor can really help a big hip/waist disparity. You may actually have to go pleated, which is unfortunate.


            Joe are you sure about your neck measurement, take it below your adams apple , also your hips measurement seems rather small for big legs, it should be the biggest measurement around your arse.

            I point this out incase you go the MTM route which I'd recommend


              Thank you so much.

              @Crims, I didn't measure my hips but will certainly do so when i get home. I pictured only around my thighs without considering my rear end (hence the ignorance in this arena). I'm sure it is larger then...maybe in the 40's. As for my neck...I think I'm sure...I know it's weird, but all my shirts are fairly snug around those numbers and fit well (one of the few measurements I'm confident in)

              @Jack & Shad04life, I ran a quick search for MTM suits and come up with quite a few options (tailor4less, harrysuits, indochino). Any recommendations or is there an actual brand called MTM? Price isn't really a problem since I know they're costly but value needs to be there...and if so, god bless girlfriends and gifts...LOL

              Thank you again guys. Keep the ideas coming. Any specific Brands for shirts Other than Nordstorm just to weigh options (Thanks again for that one Crims)??.


                Off the top of my head and by no means the limitation

                MTM Suits and some pants/vest/accessories etc:

                Dragon Inside
                Black Lapel

                MTM(ish) Shirts;
                Proper Cloth
                Blank Label

                OTR Shirts you can check the size guide on
                Charles Tyrwhitt
                TM Lewin


                  Josec: you have good dimensions for thrift shopping if you want to go that route. It sounds like you're starting out in your sartorial supremacy as you say, and thrift stores are absolutely fantastic for bigger guys.

                  You may be interested in this blog which features a man that looks to have a former football body as well:


                    @Josec, if you choose to go the MTM route (means made-to-measure), have a professional tailor give you your measurements as you are newer to this whole suiting deal. Also, your measurements are not that far off that I would think MTM is your only route. If you are 44 chest and 36 waist in some lines, that is a pretty standard drop. I would try off-the-rack (OTR) brands first. Also, like shadow said, double check your neck and waist measurements. Those seem off. I'm a much smaller guy than you and both my neck and hip measurements are the same or larger (2-3" more so in the hips).

                    Also, search the forums a bit, I know this type of topic has been covered before. Sigtweed Corduroy has written about it before on here.
                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                      Thank you again gentlemen,

                      I went on indochino's site and was offered a free tape measure. I'll have my GF help me take my measures but I think MTM is my way to go...In the long run I'll see how I can shrink myself to make suit buying easier for me.

                      Thank you again and still...any and all tips are welcomed.

                      Any ideas for shoes?? I love Cole Haan but I know there are so many brands and styles to look at. What are you guys favorites I should look into???