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    Navy Shoes

    I bought a pair of Florsheim Marlton oxfords, but navy was delivered instead of black. I like the look, but I have no idea what I should pair with the shoes. Any suggestions?

    Here is a link: (you might need to change the color to navy).

    Thanks for any advice!


    You can wear them with jeans - just be sure that the colors aren't so alike that they blend together visually. I think a really dark wash would probably be best. The shininess of the leather versus the matte texture of denim should help distinguish them. If they do blend a little, you can cheat and add your own visual break by cuffing your jeans.

    I think those shoes would look pretty good with any khaki-colored pant, virtually any shade of grey, olive green, and brown. They could look pretty snazzy with a pair of cranberry-colored or red pants, as well, if you've got 'em. Black pants might look a little weird, though.




      those look very nice...flashy, i like! You can wear them with donegal (tweed) anything lighter in terms of pants, grey flannel, heavier chinos, etc, i would only wear dark blue jeans here if i could break the look up, usually with some funky contrasting orange or red...also with them being bals (closed laces) i would keep the look to slacks since bals are a step more formal, but your wearing blue shoes that say casual...anyways pardon my rant, tweeds in lighter colors that show contrast in almost any color except blue...

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