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J. Crew corduroy sportcoats are on sale.

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    J. Crew corduroy sportcoats are on sale.

    Hello guys! I just wanted to let anyone who's interested know that these are on what seems to be an unadvertised sale. I'm not sure if it's all retail locations but I managed to pick up both the gray and brown for $99 each (I opened a J. Crew account for an additional 20% off).

    As far as I could tell there are no signs or tags to show the sale. It is still full price online but if your size isn't at a retail location have an employee call on the red phone to get one sent to you at the adjusted price.

    Here's a link to the items for reference. As I said, the $99 price is in-store only as far as I know.


    Good looking, I just can't stand this whole short jacket length trend. If these were 1.5" longer I'd spring on it in a second.



      Picked up the grey in store today for $56. The brown weren't marked as being on sale and I didn't check b/c I was only interested in the grey one. Non-returnable as are apparently all their clearance items. Also scored a pretty nice red plaid shirt for $14 and a green knit belt for $7.



        I have to agree with Albert, I like my traditional length blazers, sport coats, suit jackets. Then again, I don't wear many of them as casual attire. I'm usually more business professional attire. Trousers/blazer or full suit.



          I love the traditional guys like Albert. They keep me in check. I would almost certainly jump on this if I had a J Crew in the area, but at the same time I'm sure the style will look stupid in 7-8 years if not sooner.



            Great price Sal! I guess they've been marked down further since my original post. They're still full price online for some reason. If anyone is interested in these I strongly suggest finding a retail store and buy/order there.

            I understand the jacket length issue. If it were for formal occasions I'd lean towards traditional length too. I'm going to were these with dark denim so I'm more relaxed about the style in that regard.



              Yeah this is only for casual use for me. I think the length is right for what it is, but I respect the traditionalists too.

              The checkout lady was surprised at the deals I got, always a good sign. I'm not sure why the shirt I got was so cheap, it was half the amount of any of the others, even in the same style. Couldn't find any damage, just a bit wrinkled.



                I picked one of these jackets up for ~$50 and I have mixed feelings about it. For $50 it was a steal, but I feel that it can only be worn at the most casual of occasions. The blazer has the following "fashion forward" features:

                1. Short length.

                2. Tiny, tiny lapels.

                3. Moderately high buttons.

                4. Vertical stitching above the pockets.

                5. Narrow chest.

                It looks great with dark jeans and a sports shirt.



                  A pic in case anyone is interested. Could probably stand to have an iron run across it sorry.



                    @Sal - do you mind posting your height and jacket size? I'm 5'7" short and the last Ludlow fit chino sportcoat I bought is still long on me (size M). This might be perfect. maybe.



                      Glen, I'm a bit over 6'2" and usually a 46 jacket. I'm wearing an XL in the pic.



                        Holy.... the height disrepancy might prove to be a bit much for comparison. I hate being short. Thanks anyway!



                          Glen, I just measured my size small. From mid-should to the bottom is 29 inches. The measurement straight down the middle, including the collar, is 31 inches.

                          I have long legs and a shorter torso which makes this look only a slight amount shorter than traditional styling on me. The bottom of the jacket covers my butt and looks longer on me compared to what you see in Sal's photo.

                          Here it is on me. Sorry about the bathroom photo but it's the only full length mirror around. Also, I was just lounging around in my slippers so I grabbed the nearest clothing and took the shot. I'm just under 6'1" and this jacket is a small.

                          How would I embed the photo? I can only get a link to show up.




                            Looks good Wispa. You can embed photos using straight up HTML. On the tiny pic page they give you HTML code you can copy and paste.



                              Thanks, Wispa. I'll have to take a look now. When's the sale good 'till?