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It won't stay that way! How to keep t-shirt sleeves rolled?

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    It won't stay that way! How to keep t-shirt sleeves rolled?

    I think there are small tweaks you can make to an average tee or pair of jeans that are incredibly fresh and stylish; in my mind the key is being tastefully audacious and finding unique function in your clothes.

    The other day, purely out of necessity, I tucked in a huge, borrowed dark gray vneck t-shirt and rolled up the sleeves. Looked awesome! Like in a not-at-all-casual but in-fact-well-put-together-outfit way haha x). Couldn't believe it, I'm really skinny, not super jacked or anything, but it just ended up to be a great look.

    I roll up all my tee sleeves just a little bit now. But they never stay up. Does anyone know how to keep tee sleeves rolled up? Just 1-3 rolls.

    Try it out!

    1) Rare earth magnets. Best if sleeves are never touched. Dislodging a magnet might cause them to get lost.
    2) Elastic band. Put i=ts right above the seem and on top of sleeve. Roll up sleeve and make sure you include the elastic with each roll.
    3) Velcro cable tie. Used same as elastic band.
    4) This method. Fold the sleeve twice as high as you would normally then fold that in half.
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      This is just my opinion, so take it as such and do what you want, but I think rolling t shirt sleeves always looks silly. It's possible you've found a way that doesn't, but all I can picture is a Wham! video or Keifer Sutherland in "Stand By Me." Seems to me that if your t shirt fits, there shouldn't be any need to roll anything.

      That said, if you like how it makes you look, go for it. I'm certain I wear things that other people think are silly, so I'm in no position to hand down "rules."


        May I suggest: