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    So who here has ordered from, and how satisfied were you with the results?


    I have ordered from indochino. I got the timeless charcoal three piece suit

    after I found a reputable tailor to get measured at, and then doing the measurements myself (just to check) I sent them in

    when the suit came in (on the exact day they said it would!) I was impressed with the fabric quality (compares with an Armani I tried on at Neiman Marcus), and the fit of the waistcoat and pants were perfect.

    On the jacket however, they seemed to have just done there own thing. I applied for a remake with corrected measurements and the jacket I got back fits like a glove

    so basically as long as you treat the first suit they send as a test-fit, its definitely your best option for cheap suit



      I also ordered the timeless charcoal suit. Mine actually came back fitting perfect. The pants were a bit short (they have no break on the legs) but nothing too much. I was too lazy to get them tailored so I just let it ride. It's a good suit and I have no complaints, but the inside lining of the pants on my left leg split open. That's not a big deal, but it's something to mention. Also, the dark gray lining color is lighter than I expected. I also bought a Blueprint White Oxford dress shirt. That's a badass shirt! It's expensive at $99, but I look REALLY good in it!

      Vincent A. Cipollone



        I was so psyched about Indochino. Did the research, used a Groupon. I ordered a tuxedo for my brother's wedding. It seemed OK for the most part, but the shoulders were too big and the torso a little too wide. I ordered a remake based on measurements from my tailor. It came out even worse- wider shoulders, boxier in the torso. I sent it back for a refund (return shipping was $30 to Canada!).

        My brother ordered a tuxedo of his own, which was much better than mine, except for some bunching in the shoulder padding.

        The garment bags they send with your order are cheap and worthless- LITERALLY one time use before the zipper breaks. The folks at Indochino are very responsive, which at least gives some sense you're dealing with real people on the other end. I emailed them about sending a replacement garment bag, which had the curious effect of pushing my original order date forward. As a result, they considered me eligible to request a remake even though it was more than two weeks since I'd received delivery.



          When the next deal / coupon appears, I'll be ordering one!



            I was also pretty excited for Indochino. I've had terrible luck finding a decent fitting suit, as apparently I'm weird shaped, even for someone of my general dimensions (a little short, pretty slim). I thought I had finally found a solution to my ill fitting suit woes. I ordered a 3 piece suit and a shirt about a month ago, and of the 4 items that arrived, I guess the vest fit OK. The pants were a bit short on the legs and a bit wide at the waist, and were decidedly baggy on me in general. the jacket just fit weird - the arm holes were far away from my body, not even in the general vicinity of my armpits, and it looked generally boxy and ill fitting. The custom built shirt I ordered was a disaster. I couldn't even remotely close the top button. Their measurement instructions said to find a spot just under the Adam's Apple, but the shirt closed right over it, and so was cut way too tight. I've bought $15 button downs at H&M that fit way better.

            I guess any single one of those things might have been fixable at a tailor, but taken as a whole, not a single part of the suit fit. They have a $75 tailoring credit, which is great, but I'm pretty sure it would have taken more than $75 to turn that suit into something which kinda fit. SInce I already have a suit that kinda fits, I ended up having to ship it back to Canada. Which cost me $70. Bleh.

            That said, I still think Indochino is a great idea, and might work for you if you already have a decent idea of your dimensions. They have some really nice looking suits, and I wish it had worked out better for me.



              Ordered a linen suit (That's what it was called, discontinued now), asked my dad to make measurements. (Big mistake, he assumed I will be fatter and grow into the suit more)

              Got the suit in 3 weeks.

              The suit obviously came a big bigger than I wanted in some places, but overall quality was good. Sent it to my local tailor and it was done up nicely. Compensation was a simple scan and email and I received a paypal refund in a few days.

              The shirt and skinny tie were also very nice.

              Overall very satisfied.



                For those of you that have ordered the charcoal three piece suit, how does the suit look without the vest? I'm interested in it but it would be my first suit and I want to make sure it's versatile enough for different occasions. Thanks.



                  there is a thread on style forum where a lot of people have posted their indochino experiences - definitely look over it if you're considering getting an indochino. Ultimately what I've seen and read has led me to hold off on indochino for now - for some people it seems to work great right away. But for others it looks like a nightmare process. OTR + tailoring works fine for me at this point - I really don't have the time or patience to deal with that kind of process. For what it's worth many people claim that poor results come from poor measurements - so from what I can tell, if you're going to take the plunge make damn sure you do the measurements right. Have someone else do it, and do it twice.



                    Fortunately for me, OTR suits aren't a problem with some minor alterations from a reputable tailor so I'll probably never feel the need to buy an Indochino suit. I can pick up a pre-worn, quality, italian-made suit for cheap and have it tailored. However, I really like the idea of Indochino. If OTR suits were a real problem, I'd consider it because their prices are within reason. Keep in mind, Indochino isn't the only company (nor were they the first) that does this type of [send-in-your-measurements-tailor-it-in-China] suit making. Indochino's blazers/jackets are fused (unless they've changed that) where as, for example, Thick as Thieves blazers/jackets are fully canvassed. Caveat emptor.



                      kylehow, I own the three piece charcoal and when worn without the vest it looks and feels just like a 2 piece suit should (as long as its tailored correctly)



                        Joolander, are their suits still canvassed or not? I remember they were early on, but at some point they removed that from their descriptions.

                        And another concern to me is that the suit I've been eying, the light gray 3-piece, is a "wool blend" rather than Super 100s or being straightforward with the blend like other suits on the site.



                          they might be half canvassed. I couldn't really tell you on either count

                          you could just shot them an email and ask them