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Blazer button dilemma

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    Blazer button dilemma

    I've been searching for an affordable navy blazer for an upcoming business trip. Trying to keep the budget under $150, preferably $100, including tailoring costs. I can't find anything OTR that wouldn't need a lot of tailoring done. So, I made a trip to the local VOA yesterday and came away with two, IMO decent quality blazers, for a grand total of $6. One actually fits, and looks, great, which was surprising (cost: $2). The other will need a little tailoring, but not much, but seemed slightly better quality than the other (cost: $4). I couldn't decide which to keep, so for the price, I bought both.

    Both have the bright gold buttons, which I don't really mind, because after all, I was looking for a navy blazer. However, I know there's a debate here on Dappered regarding gold vs. tonal buttons on a blazer. Now, I'm thinking since I have two blazers, I'll keep one with the gold buttons, to be more traditional, and swap the buttons on the other for a more go to sportcoat.

    So, now my dilemma, which one do I swap the buttons on? The one that fits great OTR or the other that's maybe a little better quality, but needs tailoring. I do plan to get it tailored, so perhaps have the buttons swapped at the same time. The better fitting one has 3 buttons on the sleeve, and the other has 4, so I don't know if that means anything. The quality of the buttons are the same for both. If one had plasticy buttons, that would be easy, but they both have decent metal buttons.

    By the way, the brands are Redwood & Ross (the better fitting one), and Harry Forman Clothing Co. (it says Made in USA). Anyone have any info on these brands?

    If nothing else, I would tend to swap the buttons on the one that was going to be tailored anyway. Since you have the added bonus that it is slightly better quality, it may be the one you wear more and keep longer. I think the debate on buttons is just that the gold is a bit traditional, maybe a bit ivy league - and maybe that's ok with you.

    I think I saw a recommendation on the main site here (or not, really can't remember) to consider swapping to pewter buttons, to stay with a nice metal button, but tone down the flash. That is something I would consider.