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    Express Help?

    Santa Claus brought me a good amount of gift card money to Express for Christmas. They have a pretty solid sale section right now, but as I haven't bought anything there before, I'm not sure what the sizing is like.

    I'm 6'1" and 175 lb, and I typically wear mediums. My thought is to size up at Express (looking at getting sweaters), but I wanted to check and see if others have had any experience buying from there before ordering. Any and all advice would be much appreciated!

    Also, if anyone has suggestions on items that would be worth looking at picking up, I'd be grateful to hear that too!


      Their v-necks sweaters are top notch. Slim fitting and surprisingly good quality. I would stick with a medium if I were you. I actually tend to size down in sweaters are wool tends to stretch. I'm 6'0" and 145 and go with XS. The extra slim dress shirts are one of the slimmest fitting dress shirts you can buy off the rack. The quality is passable, but the shirts can be worn tucked or untucked.


        I recently snagged two of their 1MX *fitted* shirts, on sale. I went with Large, as I usually do with other brands. Medium was just pulling to much across my chest, and was too tight around my neck too.

        I'm 6'0" and 185#, for reference.

        I have yet to wear them , but I read so much praise on them here at Dappered, that I figured WTH? They really fit GREAT. Express smartly has a bunch of sizes/fits ready for you to try on, without unpinning a bunch of their shelved shirts.

        You, like Saporitoe, might be able to swing the Extra Slim fit, as you're slimmer than me. It just felt too constricting across my chest. Fitted fits best on my frame.

        Thus far, those are the only two Express items I own.


          I have to admit that I have tons of Express stuff. Having two stores close to my home and work, I am able to hit the clearance sales (or regular sales armed with my coupons) and find some good deals. Express brand quality is nothing to boast about, but it is not as bad as some people make it out to be.
          I have only 3 Express sweaters, and they have been holding up fine. If you wear M in other sizes, would recommend staying with M in Express sweaters as well, they are just tailored enough, and they are not as baggy as BR or J.Crew non-slim fit sweaters.
          I would recommend you try the shirts before you buy, 1MX/ Extra Slim fit shirts fit great, and they are tailored more then most offerings in stores now. Look for sales and combine them with coupons to get the best deal.Current example: buy one get one for 50%off, plus use $30 of $100 coupon= about $37 per shirt.
          Photographer chinos have been a nice surprise as well- I got 3 pairs last year, and they held up really well, i just got 2 more pairs for $20 each on clearance. Great slim/tapered fit with nice thinner fabric I like. J.Crew Urban Slims always felt so thick, and during my recent visit to outlet store, it seems that J.Crew did not change the fabric. GAP lived in slims are another ones I like, however Express ones are thinner again.
          Word of caution- sizing seems to be off on those, I am 34/32 in all Express clothing, and I can wear 32/32 in Photographer Chinos with no problems.
          Also, join their reward club- it does not cost anything, and eventually you will accumulate $$ rewards that you can use on other clothing, as well get $10 card for your birthday.
          Hope this helps.