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    Sorry to ask a separate question on your thread, but whats the reason behind not wearing socks that are close to the color of your pants? Is this any different for dress pants vs khakis vs jeans?


      IMO, there is absolutely nothing *wrong* with wearing socks that are the same (or are in the same family of the) color as your pants; be they dress pants, chinos, cords, jeans, etc.

      However, a man's sock choice is one of the *safest* articles of clothing, in which to venture out a bit, if you so chose. It gives you a chance to add some color, flair, *pop*... what have you... to your look.

      Sometimes I do just that; other times I stick to the basics. Really, it's often a matter of how I fell that day, and also what pairs are clean.

      Up to you, for sure. But you can snag some argyle, striped, or even some funky patterned (sharks, skulls, etc. - heck, I think I even saw a banana patterned pair at Target recently) very cheap. As mentioned, Target has their Merona and Mossimo ones priced low, and even marked further down from time to time; or grab some Happy Socks from a local discounter if you have one - Marshalls/TJMaxx has them no for $3 a pair! If you fell up to it, try it sometime. You might dig it.

      But, I would never call you out for sticking to simply matching your socks to your pants.

      And of course, you can wear white socks with white *tennis shoes*. No harm - no foul.

      Again, all IMO. Do whatcha' want.


        I'll throw these Nike socks in the mix because I think others have covered the other options:

        From your picture you seem to be pretty young and the calf-high black nike socks are a staple on college campuses, at gyms, etc. They work with gym shoes because the level of formality matches. They also look awesome with shorts if you have decent calf muscle mass. It's a youthful athletic look and one I rock all the time in the spring/summer and at the gym.


          Took me some time to figure out Happy Socks are a brand in this thread...


            Originally posted by Cannon View Post
            Took me some time to figure out Happy Socks are a brand in this thread...
            They're much nicer than Pissed-off Socks.