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    White Jeans

    Fashion society has put white jeans out there for a lot of different scenarios and looks. In my opinion, with spring approaching, that is a much better season to put them on as opposed to the winter months (sans the possibility of mud splashing on them due to spring showers). Could look good with some lighter spring colors... key word: could. Of course, colored chinos are all the rage.
    My wife, however, hates white jeans for men. And black jeans. She also hates canvas sneakers (something else I wish to have) but that is neither here, nor there. I will stop there, because she really is wonderful - she just comes from a family where men wear tees, cargos, and the occasional polo.

    I would love to try a pair of white jeans - I guess i could always return them - and see if I can rock the look. If anyone supports them, what would you pair them with? I read GQ's thoughts on it - I am a fan of a dark denim jacket with them, a navy sweater (maybe with some nautical stripes).. would a navy blazer be too much of a contrast with them?

    I'm just spitballing here... thoughts, please!

    J.R. I am on the stockier side of the spectrum and was always put off my lighter or white jeans. Yet, I decided to pull the trigger on some white Travel Jeans from Bonobos last year and man I havent looked back. I pair them with blue cotton and wool blazers, chambray shirt and workboots, my canvas sneaks and t-shirts. I've seen them succesfully used with tweed jackets and chunky or slim cardigans. The reality is that if I wasnt such a stain magnet I would probably use them more often.

    I would suggest you take a look at these: (still a lot of sizes) (size options are slim)

    The first pair is less white then the second (its the one that I have). Both these pants are 30% off with JACKFROST30.

    Hope this helps.


      I don't like white jeans, but I like the off-white/light beige/wheat colors.

      This looks decent in person:

      White is too much of a bright blast for me.


        A lot of people enjoy breaking fashion rules, so the "white after Labor Day" thing can be fun. I personally believe that it can give some nice contrast to winter outerwear. A good example of this is here from the untouchable Street Etiquette team:

        Just a personal taste thing I guess.


          Style concerns aside, white jeans/pants are eminently impractical. Within an hour of putting them on, you will look like you've been using your rear as a dustmop.

          Off-white or light stone will be a lot more practical, not to mention less risky from a fashion perspective.

          I personally stay away from really light-colored pants because I am so bottom-heavy. I would rather have darker colors on my bottom half and lighter colors on my top half.