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    Forum Rules

    Do we have thread dedicated to what the rules are? In most internet forums, it is the first stickied topic.

    The main reason I ask is because I'd like to post some articles of clothing for either sale or trade but I'm not at all sure if this is OK.


    I think that would be okay. It'd be ideal if we had a buy/sell/trade category, but we're all on here because we like getting good deals on clothes, and if that deal comes from someone else on here instead of the internet, I see no problem with that.

    The only problem would be when the current forum becomes overpopulated with for sale or "want to buy" threads - which could take over more meaningful discussions.



      @Glen That is true. A rules thread is usually top sticky... I am not sure if it is against the rules since they aren't posted.



        Would like both a buy/sell and a rules thread.

        Just posted this same encouragement in another thread but wanted to advocate here since I think it seems a reasonable way to keep things pleasant:

        When replying to a new thread, in general, respond to what the original poster is asking for. If that is looking for a specific item, don't critique that request or item unless opinion is solicited, which it often is. It is too easy for a thread to be sidetracked and a individual's style to be criticized without reason. In the spirit of keeping things friendly and civil in this relatively small community we have built, I would encourage responding if you have something to add to the thread as it was created by the OP.



          I think the cool thing about dappered threads is it was formed off of

          Most of us long time avid readers of dappered, which has made up the community into a pleasent one at that. This can be confirmed from Joe's comments toward us readers.

          With that being said, this forum has gone this long without a rules sticky thread, and successfully at that. No discrimination, nor demeaning comments towards another. I think we all have done a great job to keep this "community" if you will, under control from within our own self control and respect we uphold for each other. Pretty cool thing the way we reach out to one another not knowing anyone face to face.

          I personally don't think it would hurt having a sticky about rules, but all I gotta say is, GG thus far

          Keep it up Gents.



            I wouldn't say we need the rules to rectify anyone's behavior, but rather let us know if certain things are still good behavior like the buy/sell idea for example. Rules can at least give us an idea of what is okay so we can thrive in certain areas. They are just a way to answer any questions about what direction posts can go in.

            We could just sticky a forum FAQ instead... A sort of friendlier format for letting people know the ropes and what is or isn't welcomed.



              My thoughts exactly. The people here are true gentlemen and it's amazing how well-mannered Threads has remained despite not having a "rules" sticky. My original post was mostly due to the fact that I am interested in selling/trading but would not like to do so without first knowing if that is acceptable in this forum. I would hate to start up a thread for selling/trading, only to have it be the gateway to a barrage of spam. It might be that this community is so small, but I'm surprised to have not seen any.

              Just being cautious.



                I don't see a problem with buy/sell/trade on here. I think it would be best as a sub-forum rather than just one thread, that way we can have a FAQ/Warning/Rules sticky so everyone knows the rules.

                In the end this is Joe's forum, and I'm sure he knows whether he had envisioned that happening here. I will send him an email and see what he says.



                  bbPress definitely has support for sub-forums. would be awesome to see one for buy / sell / trade.

                  Also on the rules thing... I haven't been here too long or anything, but it's amazing to me how civilized everyone is (especially for a forum). Really don't see the need for a 'rules' thread.



                    @ChrisW - I just noticed the addition of the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. Thank you for relaying the message.



                      Yes it was set up today. I've been too busy to post about it, I'm sorry. I think as a community we should think of some guidelines for that section, nothing too strict. I will start a thread over there to ask for suggestions.