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    Holmes, it sounds like you have your heart set on a field jacket instead of anything else, instead of defaulting for the manufacture fit is it possible for your local tailor to adjust a field coat for you?


      Originally posted by holmes10 View Post
      EDIT: I just found this one online: Anyone know how loose/tight it fits, and is the hood removable?
      Nice to see Boden just added a new collection. From what I hear Boden runs large. You could always order both a S and XS and just keep the one you like better. Also Boden usually has sales. Probably a couple of 15% off coupons around online if you dont want to wait.

      Also, most Barbour jackets in the classic fit are a little baggy. Sizing down might be a good call if you can find them used.


        Have you looked at Eddie Bauer? Their style very often leaves something to be desired, but the gear and outerwear are often pretty good. Plus everything has a lifetime guarantee so you can treat it rough. A few of the jackets look similar to what you're looking for:


          Two years ago, before I really started to upgrade my wardrobe, I purchased an oil-cloth jacket from Eddie Bauer on clearance for $35 down from $200 msrp. I ended up returning it, thinking I wouldn't wear it that often. Kicking myself...


            I bought an EB field jacket on clearance. $150 down to $30 and I love it. Very light, but I'm happy with it and I'm not afraid to wear my "nice" field jacket someplace it might get ruined since I can always have it replaced.


              I went for the Billy Reid jacket Joe posted about today. His stuff runs very trim so I think it'll be what I'm looking for and possibly what you're looking for if it isn't out of your price range.


                I bought the LL Bean Signature Field Coat linked above. It's a pretty nice jacket, although the outer fabric is a little stiff at first. It definitely fits trim - a lot trimmer than the Land's End oilcloth jacket. The LE jacket is fully lined (rather than just a vest) so it would probably be warmer. The fabric on the Land's End also is softer to the touch. Really, it seems like a better put-together jacket, save for the gigantic pockets and the loose fit.

                I don't think I'm sold on either one and will probably return them. Next up: the Orvis (which is back in stock in Olive) for $198 or the Boden for $168 with the 15% off code floating around.


                  Also, I called Boden about the hood. The CSR said it is not removable, but it is stowable (it must zip up somewhere).


                    So by way of update, I think my search may be over. I'd tried before, as well as a local Macy's, but I didn't see this jacket until last week:

                    I ordered the black version in a small, and the fit is really good. It pretty much covers everything I want in a field jacket (keep in mind my loose definition of "field jacket"), and was only around a hundred bucks:

                    Fit: the jacket is close but not tight; I can wear with minmal layers or with a sweater if necessary. Also, the jacket is shorter than the traditional field coat, which I like.

                    Styling: it has the mockneck collar and military-inspired look I was going for.

                    Function: it has two snap-flap chest pockets (though not four; ah well) and is warm enough to be worn through most of winter, though not too hot for a cool spring day, I think. Pretty much exactly what I needed

                    Construction: rugged cotton twill. Seems pretty sturdy...waxed cotton would be nice, but I think this will hold off a bit of rain decently. The 100% cotton feel makes a huge difference vs. synthetic fabrics.

                    Other details: I didn't have to have a hood, but any hood needed to be either stowable or detachable. This one zips up into the collar, and is very thin, which I like, because it doesn't add bulk to the collar, but is just enough to keep off a light rain. I never got why some stowable hoods are massive...if I'm going to be exposed to driving rain for an extended period of time, I'll wear a parka or technical raincoat...this hood is perfect for surprising showers that catch me without an umbrella, etc.

                    Overall a pretty good jacket...I think it will fill that space between spring jacket and wool overcoat nicely, and with a heavy sweater underneath, I might even be able to stretch it into the winter. Unless buyer's remorse sets in or I find a better coat soon, I'll probably stick with the Levi's.