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j.crew factory - possible new items showing up tomorrow?

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    j.crew factory - possible new items showing up tomorrow?

    Hi guys. So most of us Dappered folk are aware that the J.Crew Factory website, despite touting itself as being open only on weekends, is actually functional seven days a week if you go via the direct link ( ).

    I checked the site today (as I often do, hoping against hope for an influx of 36R jackets) and noticed that the front page has been changed somewhat and now includes links to boys' and girls' sections. Presently, those links are dead. That leads me to believe that Factory is launching new boys' and girls' items tomorrow when the site comes back "online." Because of the timing of this new launch, as well as the convenient ending of the 30% sale today, I suspect there may be new items showing up in the regular men's and women's sections as well.

    It's something to keep an eye out for, anyway, especially if you've become a big J.Crew Factory fan like I have.



    Looks like you called it, some new men's stuff out there along with the kids "crewcuts" items.

    I ordered some sweaters and a shirt during the 30% off sale, hopefully they fit pretty well.