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    Shoes/Boots for work and WORK

    I work as a commercial real estate appraiser/agent which puts me in situations where I might be at a business meeting in the morning and in an orange grove or warehouse in the afternoon. I'm looking for a pair of shoes/boots that could work for both situations. Any suggestions? I typically wear jeans or chinos and a oxford or polo shirt to work, no tie or jacket.

    (P.S. I ordered a pair of timberland earthkeepers but did not like them at all)


    Without knowing your price range, and what you didn't like about the Earthkeepers:

    I got the Florsheim Hawleys on sale for $130, now $180

    Or, another option is the less expensive / more rugged (thicker sole) Gaffney in chestnut, $130:

    I have been lusting after the Red Wing Iron Rangers, but they're out of my budget now at $280 and I don't really NEED them:

    Also a cheaper version is the Chippewa J Crew boot for $238: lany~~~~~chippewa/54388.jsp

    Some guys here may recommend desert boots (Clark's comes to mind). I don't have any myself; I think a boot should go higher than that (they look like a half boot to me) but they may grow on me eventually...

    The Iron Rangers / Chippewa are more work boots and may/may not work for you in a business setting. If you work in the South I would say they they would; some execs really do wear cowboy boots under their dress slacks / suits. No hat though. Or monster belt buckle. Or a horse.

    My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



      Thanks for the reply! I'll check those out.

      My price range is under $200.



        As far as "the standard" for this type of situation, the usual go-to shoes are Red Wings (I have the 875's and love them) which are in the $200 ballpark, and the Alden 405 work boot, which is closer to $400-500, depending on the model you get. Both are made in the US and are extremely high quality. Both can also be re-soled by the factory (Red Wing will do it for $80, not sure of the price on the Aldens).

        If you're looking for something a little more out of the box, you may want to consider the Maine Guide Boot by Yuketen. Also pricey, but I've only heard good things. Oak St. Bootmakers also have several similar models that can be had for a little less than the Yuketens.

        Also, The Crosby by Land's End Canvas has been featured on this site and looks to be basically a 405-a-like without the hefty price tag. At $100 they're almost sitting in impulse buy territory.

        EDIT: ....aaand didn't get it in before I saw the price range. so disregard the aldies, yuketens, and oak st bootmakers.



          If you want a Red Wing-style wedge boot without the price tag, Thorogood might be something to look at:

          (Scroll about halfway down the page to find the good stuff.)

          I think most, if not all, their models are made in the USA, as well.




            I think Sebago would be a good brand to look at in your price range. Something like the Hamiltons or Concord Mid.



              +1 for Sebago. Also check their Lighthouse boot. Really nice shoes for the price.