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    Belts & shoes


    1) I have a pair of grey / blue Polo suede wingtip shoes. Casual shoes, but I don't have any belts close to matching it. Is it ok to use a brown belt when wearing the shoes? What do you guys wear.

    I added a picture of the shoes I purchased from Marshalls for 30 bucks on clearance.

    Picture #8 27912274

    2) What shoes exactly do you guys use shoe trees in. At the moment, I only use my shoe trees in my dress shoes. Does anyone use shoe trees is suede boots or suede shoes (like the ones depict above). What about boots, dress boots and non dress boots.


    When you have a pair of shoes in a non-conventional color (ie, not black or some shade of brown) I think it's fine to use a belt that complements, rather than matches, the shoes. I have a pair of grey suede wingtips and I wear whatever belt is convenient (usually brown leather or my yellow silk D-ring).

    I think the real, unspoken reason that it's conventional to match shoe and belt leather is because colors that are close together, but not actually the same, look awkward together (i.e., a brown belt and black shoes, or a brown belt and chestnut shoes, etc).

    I can't answer your second question because I don't own any shoe trees. I stick those little cardboard shape inserts into my leather shoes after I've finished wearing them to help absorb moisture, but that's it. Yeah, classy, I know. One day I will get real shoe trees....




      I think the belt thing is also sort of like matching socks to pants. I mean that in the sense that it looks awkward if you're close, but not on (brown to chestnut, black and brown) but if you're so incredibly off that you couldn't have been trying to match, it's not a problem.

      I have a white cotton belt with a brass buckle that I wear all the time, as well as red, blue, and yellow/green belts. With shoes like that, you could wear a red belt, or a white belt, and do fine.

      right now I only have shoe trees in dress shoes, but would put them in others if I had more shoe trees. maybe not desert boots or stuff like that, but I have some loafers still that could use some. You can swap them out after every wearing though, for example if you have 1 set of shoe trees, when you take off your shoes at night, put the trees in them, leave them in the entire next day while you're wearing different shoes, and them swap them in to those shoes that night.



        I put shoe trees in my dress shoes, wingtip boots, and loafers... DSW has the cheapest cedar shoe trees I've found at $15/pair.



          ^Second the DSW shoe trees. I have four and they're great. Also I picked up a pair at Nordstrom Rack ~$20.

          I put mine in any dress leather shoes/boots. Don't have any suede so can't comment on that.

          My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



            I to have my dress shoes and loafers with shoe trees. I was curious if it was needed in my boots as well. I have 3 Clarks desert boots. Two of which are suede and I haven't noticed any creasing. I'll have to check out DSW's line for shoe trees.

            Any recommendations for Suit / Blazer Cedar Hangers? Also Suit Bags!



              Put shoe trees in everything if you can. I don't have enough for all of my shoes so I rotate between the 3 trees that I have. Nordstrom Rack has them the cheapest at ~$12 a pair. Sometimes they go on sale for ~$9.



                I put shoe trees in all leather shoes (except boat shoes).

                In terms of matching, I'm going to say you shouldn't match your shoes to your belt if they aren't standard colors. Matching blue suede shoes with a blue suede belt is like matching a tie with a pocket square - you'll end up looking contrived.



                  1. like others have said, it's probably better if the belt doesn't match the shoes exactly. depending on the rest of the kit, you could go with a brown or maybe even gray belt. i have one of those 'unfinished' leather belts seems to look ok with suede... maybe a texture thing.

                  2. I put shoe trees in everything other than sneakers and boat shoes. so all boots, loafers, brogues, etc. i'm a bit of an obsessive though so take that advice with a grain of salt.