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    Next odd jacket

    Looking for a new blue jacket.

    Waited for a plain navy napoli to come back in stock at Suit Supply and am really impressed with the suit. Any opinions on the SS Havana or any other of their blue jackets? I have seen windowpane Havana jackets online and wonder if they may come back into stock soon.

    Also considering a Club Monaco hopsack jacket at 30% off. Shoulders might be a little strong for what I'm after, though. It's an orphaned suit jacket but being hopsack I figure they intend it to be sold alone as well.

    I suppose I could wait until after Christmas to see if Brooks Brothers has any blazers worth picking up.

    Obviously I have no idea what I want... Being in Canada my options are limited until I take a trip down south - I'm also tiny so that rules out some staples like Lands' End. Have yet to see any online MTM place that offers fabrics or cuts for jackets that I like, but I can't rule that out either.

    Whatever I get has to be a workhorse... flannels to chinos. Any suggestions?

    And if not, what's your next odd jacket?

    As I noted elsewhere, Suit Supply sells a navy jacket in the Sienna cut. It is not listed on their website, but I've found it on two different occasions at the Chicago store. It's not cheap at $400, but it delivers the goods if you can spare the change.