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Button down with a suit

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    Button down with a suit

    What's everyone's take on wearing a button down collar shirt with a suit? Collar buttons done up or undone. From what I've seen so far it's a don't do, but wanted your opinions.

    Well, if it has a button down collar, it should be worn buttoned. Otherwise, it will just look like you forgot to button it.

    From there, I would say if you are not wearing a tie, you should be fine wearing it. It will dress down the suit a bit - how much depends on the shirt. And if you aren't wearing a tie, that shouldn't be a problem.

    If you are wearing a tie, you're getting more into the "don't do" category, since a lot of button down collars won't fit over a tie properly. Some do, though, and I know plenty of people who wear them with ties, and you would never glare at them and say "that's wrong". It just doesn't look as formal.


      If you are going to do it, then the buttons on the collar should be buttoned. However, I personally don't think a button down collar and tie look good with a suit but that's just my opinion and others here will feel different about it.


        As far as business dress, it definitely seems like more of a sack-suit, J.Press kind of look if you're wearing it with a tie. Personally I really like it but it's totally not me. I'd definitely do it with a more casual suit, though.


          Forgot to mention I'd be wearing it with my Thompson suit, to an Xmas party, it's not formal, most people dress nicely but some are just t shirts and jeans.

          I was thinking of wearing it with a tie, but wasn't sure about how that'd work out. The shirt is this one


            Forgot to mention it'd be for an Xmas party. Not very formal, most people dress up but some don't. I'd be wearing it with charcoal Thompson suit and was wanting to wear it with a tie, but not sure how well that would work.

            It's this shirt


              jarja, The shirt that you linked to is a green and orange check. Is that the shirt that you meant to show us? If so, it does not go with navy, charcoal, or light grey. It is also too casual to go with a suit.


                Along the same lines as the advice I just gave in a different thread:

                There's nothing wrong with a button-down collar with a suit, per se. But the texture, weight, and general formality of the shirt should complement the other elements of the outfit. Button-down shirts are "country" shirts so they can work well with "country" suits.

                A poplin button-down shirt may be appropriate with, for example, a cotton seersucker suit or a linen suit.

                A heavier OCBD may work well with a flannel or tweed suit.

                However, the standard, worsted wool business suit is a "city" look so it's better to stick with "city" shirts, i.e., standard dress shirts without button-down collars.


                  My personal perspective on button-down collared shirts:

                  Always have it buttoned.
                  Never wear it with a suit.
                  Can be worn with a blazer (without a tie).
                  If worn with a tie, must be worn with a sweater.


                    Not sure what's up with my post with the link? I don't see it, but brushetta has seen it. I'm doing this my phone cause my Internet is down, so that could be an issue there.

                    The shirt I have is the 3rd from last of those. Burgundy, green and navy checks.

                    Here's the link again in case it's actually not there.

                    But I'm starting to think ill just find a different shirt to wear, I like the gingham check look tho.


                      Button down collar with suit is a very American look - New England/Ivy/WASPy style. It can be done but the suit has to be along those lines - not a suit that looks very European or modern (waist suppression, etc) or dressy (pin stripes). Plain wool, plan linen or cotton, maybe seersucker.

                      That said, the shirt jarja linked too is not something to be worn with a suit of any kind -way too informal.