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Order of application of care for Red Wing Iron Rangers

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  • Order of application of care for Red Wing Iron Rangers

    I recently got a pair of Iron Rangers, which are great!

    I'm at that point where I need to give them some care. I have three things I'd like to apply to them, and need to know which order to apply them.

    I have

    1. Mink oil (for waterproofing since snow is coming)
    2. Polish (restore some color in the toe regions)
    3. RW Boot oil (for general conditioning)

    I'm wondering in what order I should apply those items. I have a feeling it should be in the listed order, but let me know if I have any misconceptions.

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    My recommendation would be:

    1) RW Boot oil, let it rest for at least a day after application
    2) If you want waterproofing, I'd suggest using Obenauf's LP or Sno-Seal. Mink oil isn't really a great waterproofer, and some say applying it even degrades the leather over time.
    3) Polish

    Also, if you do decide to use the Mink Oil anyway, be warned it does darken a fair amount


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      I just use saddle soap and obenaufs. However the color is starting to fade at the to so I will adding color soon.

      This summer I'm going to put the obenaufs on and throw them in a black garbage bag for the day. That will ensure a deep penetration.


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        You're putting on two oils... you probably only need one. And I don't see a cleaner in your list.

        You want to clean, color (optional), then protect. So clean it with a leather cleaner, then apply a shoe cream if color is fading, then apply an oil or wax to protect.

        I also recommend Obenaufs. I've got their Heavy Duty LP for my Red Wing Beckmans.