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    Oh yeah I forgot to mention the Henleys. I've got two and they are great. I've actually been wearing them over collared shirts. Kinda like a more casual v-neck option and not as warm. They have them in great, unique colors, too. My two are in purple and burnt orange. There is a marled grey on I want. They were on sale this past week.



      @ Jose_Jackson

      I may be interpreting this incorrectly but when you say "I've actually been wearing them over collared shirts" do you mean you put your Henley's on after you put on a collared shirt?




        That's correct. What I said is a little confusing and filled with typos.

        I've worn them OVER collared shirts as you might wear a v-neck sweater over a collared shirt. It's super casual but I like it. It's easy to layer. A smart look that no one else will have.

        I might wear them UNDER a jacket, but haven't tried that yet.



          I'm going to second whoever said to get the weekender. Great deal. They have a bunch of extra straps and if you take a look at the clearance rack you'll probably find some left over mossimo athletic fit polos at a deep discount.

          This might also be of help:



            Jose - I've been doing the same thing recently with the henleys. Over a collared button down shirt. I agree, easy to layer, very light, and stands out a little.